March is still winter, and don’t ever forget that 


-2C, feels warm 

Alex is trying to convince me that the worst of winter is behind us and that spring is just around the corner. Whilst my weather app agrees with him I am dubious (but hopeful). 

February has been such a long and cold month. There aren’t even hints of spring in our neck of the woods. Just iced over sidewalks and snow. That said it was relatively warm yesterday and we headed out for a balance bike ride. Nomi and Zoey only had to wear two pairs of trousers and they decided to break out their sunnies. 

It was glorious to be out and not beaten down by the wind. It was nice enough for us to do our usual two mile circuit. 

Maybe spring is on the way…

They sledged… Kinda

Yesterday it was cold but quite sunny which took the edge of it, and since the snow has been frozen I figured it might be fun to try some gentle sledging. 

Plastic boxes plus tiny ice ramps were perfect introductory to sledging. Need to get a proper sledge for next year though. 

They humored me with a bike ride




It was bitterly cold but the sun was shining so we busted out the bikes. The Pingus had on three pairs of trousers: leggings, cords and waterproof padded pants.

We are at the point of winter where I’m fine with them gliding over ice and snow. Anything so we get out.

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