Addendum to ‘Some thoughts on traveling with babies’

I can’t believe I forgot this one but if traveling with babies you must MUST wear tactical pants (or some other combat style pant). Pockets are key when you don’t have easy access to your bag. Alex swears by his tactical pants come the weekend – pockets for bottles, wipes, toys, iPhone, etc. I stupidly decided to let vanity rule the day and wore a skirt to travel in. Yes, I looked cute but no pockets, and as Alex pointed out I look cute in tactical pants too.

The other thing I forgot is that it was so nice traveling to a regional airport in the UK rather than the hell-on-earth that is Heathrow. Not only were the people flying to Scotland friendlier, and less grumpy when faced with twins but Edinburgh International is a compact airport so there was no 10 mile hike to get through immigration, and baggage claim. Bliss.


Some thoughts on traveling with babies

I some how lost last week down the back of the sofa, and everyone getting sick to differing degrees didn’t really help but whilst I was trying not to cough and sneeze over Zoey and Naomi (not that they repaid the favor) I have been mulling over our recent travel adventure (two international flights and three train journeys).

Before Zoey cried for an hour when we were stuck on the run way.

Traveling with two babies under 6 months wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but I can see why some families find traveling with infants and children stressful. I would say that planning and personality are the two most important factors for a smooth trip. Alex and I are both good travelers, and, by good travelers I mean relaxed (nothing phases us) and experienced (we can field strip ourselves and carry-on in seconds when going through the TSA theater).


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