New game: how many animals on a monster truck






Nerdy toys for nerdy parents

The Cylonettes are starting to shun their plush toys. It doesn’t seem to matter that they have bits hanging off them to bite, feel and beep; they are baby toys and the Cylonettes are no longer babies.

When we stayed with our friend in MD the girls went crazy over his son’s collection of cars, trucks and remote controls. They want hard plastic and wooden toys that have WHEELS or BUTTONS. Screw that crinkly noise they want to BANG!

So we figured that we better order the girls some more toys. I’ve just ordered some cars, trucks and a plane; and Alex ordered these super nerdy toys from Think Geek.





The Teddy Bear Dilemma

Pop quiz: what’s more dangerous a babyccinico or a teddy bear?

Okay, so it’s obviously not a real dilemma but I am sure that the parenting message boards have discussions  about the pros and cons of babies and teddy bears (and babyccinicos): appropriate age, health dangers, attachment issues, and how if you give a baby a teddy too young they end up like Sebastian in Brideshead Revisited. Let’s face it Sebastian and his attachment to Aloysius was probably his healthiest relationship.

Too cute

We’ve started to give Naomi a bear to play with and hug. I noticed that the girls approach the play mat toys very differently. Zoey is all over the dangling toys. Grabbing, licking, whacking, and sometimes she manages to do all three things at the same time. Whereas Naomi will try to roll over, stare at the toys, stare at Zoey, give a half hearted whack to whatever is dangling overhead and then start to cry because she would much rather be sitting up than lying down.


Ying to her Yang

Motion & Rest

I just had to use that title as much as I *hated* the ying yang thing when I was pregnant. You tell people (and by people I mean the total strangers that enjoy grilling pregnant women) you are pregnant with twins, then they notice your Chinese spouse and they can’t help but tell you that you should name them Ying and Yang. Like you are carrying panda bears or some other furry critter.

Anyway, back to the cute photo of Ying and Yang… I mean Zo-Zo and Mi-Mi (their panda names). Every morning after they’ve had their first bottle we put both girls in Zoey’s crib to gaze at mobiles (or each other), play with their developmentally appropriate toys and kick themselves silly whilst Alex and I have breakfast.

"What up, mamma"

Sometimes they kick until they cry, or until they nap. Today it was the latter. More

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