Flying with small children: a blurry recap 


This is a photo of me arriving in Edinburgh after the overnight flight with the Pingus. My mum sent it with the caption “No rush, really?” – oh she’s a card that one. 

Yes rush because Zoey hadn’t peed since New Jersey, so no flat white for me in the airport. Quick but loving hugs and into the cab to the bathroom at granny pingu’s! 

But let’s talk traveling, specifically flying solo, with small kids so we’ll rewind +10 hours. 




It was exhausting as the girls wanted 100% of my attention to talk about everything they were seeing, but hearts for eyes people the whole experience rocked. 

They loved everything about the airport, particularly the vehicles that drove around inside. 

“Inside vehicles, mummy! You didn’t know there would be cars in here!” 

And the moving walkway. And the yogurt we bought and ate sitting on the floor waiting to board. And sitting on the plane. 

It was just brilliant talking about everything over and over again. They talked until they passed out (Zoey was asleep by Maine and Nomi hung on till Nova Scotia). 

I barely needed any of the surprises of packed. Which was good as I could eek them out over our many train trips. On the plane the girls played with new small cars, play dough and we read new books (“I Stink!” & “I’m Dirty!” by Kate Mcmullan). Since they needed to sleep I kept the seat back TV screen set to the map. But, really they just wanted to talk about all the things. 

My two mistakes were food related. I woke them up for breakfast (they rejected all airplane food), and I should have packed even more snacks and real food. We had just enough but any delays would have pushed us over, or the kids would have had to eat airplane “food”. 


A bout of illness and some butterflies 

Our week went off the rails slightly with Zoey spiking a fever and chills on Tuesday afternoon, her vommiting over Mr Dinosaur was thankfully a red herring as the fever dropped it morphed into a snotty cold. 

A three year old with a snotty cold is this: 



During Zoey’s periods of recharging under her blanket Nomi was bouncing about like a pinball. Trying to fill the space of two, and then calming to play next to her sleeping sister. Though don’t think she played quietly all the time, this afternoon as Zoey napped on me Nomi was bouncing up and on the sofa. Bless. 

In between the naps, the movies and audiobooks we drew butterflies. Nomi and Zoey both asked to draw butterflies so their could glitter them. They wanted me to draw them for them but that’s a no, instead I suggested we draw together and we grabbed The Hungry Caterpillar to look at the butterfly. We talked about the shapes as I drew and they copied then we SPARKLED. 



Hopefully less snot tomorrow. 

Car picnic dinner time edition 

They didn’t nap on the way back from music class. They didn’t nap to or from Costco. I knew that they would nap in the ride to pick up Alex which is less than ideal, so since we would end up with a messy bedtime I figured I could try to make it less painful. 

I told Alex to get a later bus but we still headed to the Park & Ride at the same time. I figured they’d nap then we’d wait and get tired. Then in a spark of genius I told them we could eat dinner in the car! And clean teeth! Ho ho ho! 

The excitement of pizza in the car in bunny slippers. It’s just all gravy. 

Zen and the art of balance bike maintenance*

I walked into the kitchen to this:

I chuckled when I saw them and was promptly told off as this is “work”. Nomi and Zoey are of course correct, bike maintenance is very important, and given how important their balance bikes are to the family it needs to be taken seriously. 

I cannot stress how much we all love their balance bikes. One of the best things we invested in. We wanted to make biking a big part of our family culture and balance bikes got Zoey and Nomi off to a great start. 

Once they got the hang of them last spring we were out everyday racking up the miles. Being able to get out of the house for a brisk walk with two toddlers in tow is a huge sanity saver, and they love exploring the neighborhood, going fast down hills, and working on “tricks”. In the height of the summer we were out after breakfast – glorious! 

We are moving the girls over to super light weight pedal bikes shortly (no training wheels), and we’ve got a bike rack for the car now so we’ll be able to go out to the canal paths and parks with all our bikes. Just need all this snow to melt and temperatures to warm up. 

*title curtesy of my mum who I was FT-ing when I came into the kicthen. 

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