And then there was cake


I couldn’t get a photo of them both smiling. Whilst Zoey was embracing the party spirit Nomi was somewhat done with it all, and slow to warm up to having friends over until the end. Then she was in full Nomi party-mode.

It was a good party. Lovely friends, and all the kids played well. If I do say so myself I made a good spread of food, and opted for Nigella’s celebration chocolate sheet cake which the girls decorated with sprinkles.

The disappointment that neither girl is old enough to drive an actual digger has dissipated.


Birthday Eve

The girls will be three tomorrow. There is much excitement about their birthday weekend. Nomi doesn’t want to get big she wants to stay small. Zoey on the other hand wants to wake up big enough to driver a digger. I’ve tried to explain that she’ll be the same just three and not two but it’s a hard concept to grasp with you are almost-three and you really want to drive something.

Presents are wrapped, Crunchy Nut cornflakes are ready for breakfast and let’s hope they sleep till 5am.

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