Elevated railway 

We’ve watched a few Thomas fan videos of home built tracks on YouTube. It’s been giving Nomi and Zoey ideas about roller coaster tracks as they call them and it’s cultivated their interest in crashes. 

A lot of tape and blocks are involved, and small pieces of furniture. It’s all good stuff, and needless to say the trains keep up a narrative as they face these new dangers. 


Dude, where’d the week go?

I’m so done with February weather so the last few days have blurred together. I need spring. I need windy legs as much as the pingus and sandals, but we have weeks (thanks Groundhog) of winter to go so I guess we make the best of it.

We go adventuring around the block, and the girls work on their winter “parkour”.



The ongoing love of trains and Thomas & Friends continues with imaginative play and art.


This is Mavis and her freight cars.





The girls drew some engines and then sparkled them because glitter glue makes everything better, including the new table cloth.

Nomi and Zoey are growing like weeds. They have grown out of some of the knit clothing I sewed this fall. Dresses are barely able to be redefined as tunics so I sewed them a new one each. It’s a basic t-shirt pattern (age 5) with a skirt sewn on, except I panicked and added a 3″ drop-drop waist to accommodate a year’s worth of growth spurts because I like clothes to last. They are on their second winter with their outdoor coats. I’m hopeful that we’ll get three years out of them as they have hidden pouches extension. Columbia really speaks my language.



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