Ten Months: The dog days of summer

The Cylonettes turned TEN MONTHS last weekend but I got sick mid-week, and it slowed everything down. Luckily it was a long weekend so I got to recoup but it was also the last long weekend of the summer. It feels like another summer has been and gone without us doing much. Last year it was the epic pregnancy that kept us close to home (and the maternity ward), and this year it’s the Cylonettes. They were too wee to spend that much time out and about in the heat. Now they are starting to get excited about their surroundings just as the temps drop so I think we’ll have a busy busy fall.

“Sister, bears, and Mmmm lend me your ears..”

“Kiss my tanned toes!”

(Though to be honest they are just as excited about a trip to Costco as they are a day at the US Open just as long as no-one tries to talk to Naomi. The girl does not want you to come up into her face to say hello. She is rocking Star Trek’s prime directive – no fraternizing with other civilizations unless invited!)

Hey ‘omi watch the tennis!

A Southern Cylonette at the US Open

Bench babies (parents remember when they got to watch tennis)

So TEN MONTHS. WOW. These babies are crazy fun! The playing is endless. ENDLESS. Alex and I are still pinned to the play mat (hello, separation anxiety) but now we are having toys and books thrust in our faces again and again. If I’ve read ‘Peepo Teddy!’ once I’ve read it a thousand times. Then there is the picture book of pets and when Alex reads it he embellishes the text to reflect the stance that we are a no pet household: rabbits too smelly, puppies too much work and hamsters are just evil.

Competitive peek-a-boo

The girls are getting really interactive. Lots of clapping and waving, mimicking, and games. Zoey has taken to hiding under a chair in the bedroom. It’s the one that Alex keeps his rotation of work pants on so the legs of the trousers dangle down and creates a “den”. A few days ago Naomi and I were outside the “den” asking where was Zoey, and all I could hear was her heavy, excited breathing, and when I glimpsed her she was grinning like a Cheshire cat. Last night Naomi was getting tickled by Alex, and when he paused she would put her fingers on her belly mimicking how Alex tickled her to encourage him to keep playing, and when he stopped for too long she grabbed his hands!

Where is ZoZo?

There she is!

They are definitely trying to communicate, and grasp language. They pay close attention to us when we speak, and have started to try and say ‘teddy’ when they play with their bear. They bandy ‘dada’ around as a happy word and ‘mmmm’ (for mama) for when they are distressed, and then they make a bee-line for me for a cuddle.

Holding court at the slide

As per our pediatrician’s recommendation we have transitioned the girls onto regular full fat milk. This is good on the wallet but tough on the girls digestive tracts. Poor old Zoey is popping out rabbit droppings. Hopefully this will clear up in the next week because the little poo marbles have a tendency to roll away on the changing table.

I was at the bank the other day and one of the tellers was cooing over the girls (okay all the tellers were) but this one said something that jarred with my embryonic parenting philosophy. She said that she had three children (6, 10 and 14 years old) and that her job was done.  All her kids were old enough to look after themselves so her job was done. I’ve had other people tell me the same thing. Surely they can’t mean it as I figured that I’ll be parenting the girls (to differing degrees) FOREVER. Just because the girls will reach the point where they dress and feed themselves I’ll still have a lot to teach them. Like how to order beer and eat chips.

Cylonettes first beer garden


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