The last few days 

Dude, the snow is melting. Actually melting for the first time this winter. We are at the ugly and water logged stage but still melting!

Alex was meant to be traveling this week but his trip got cancelled and he twisted his ankle so instead of MIA daddy we had daddy working at home for two days which was awesome.

Nomi and Zoey were flicking through my Star Wars craft book on Monday and found a picture of an AT-AT walker which they remembered playing with at our friends house. They gathered supplies and I helped them build one, a double headed one which was then filled with trains. Obviously.

They drew their own train tracks, and many many pictures of trains puffing smoke.

Alex got invited to partake in a little pre-dinner drawing and coloring with glitter glue.

Yesterday we got out on the balance bikes. The sidewalks are still a mess  but it’s sunny and relatively warm. We made amazing lemon crinkle cookies which I’ve never made before (how have they been missing from my life for so long?) and afterwards the girls got to lick the powdered sugar off their fingers. This is a true marshmallow test as they got through rolling 18 cookies before licking fingers.

Today was music class day which we love but it’s exhausting for us all, and day light savings is still messing with us. Tomorrow we shall recoup, and finish the lemon crinkle cookies.


Parking has become an issue


I know parking and judging distance is tough, but there’s been a spate of shoddy stool parking that blocks the other Pingu out. Tape once again comes to the rescue.

A rainy Monday

Overcast, cold and rainy.






We went through a lot of tape. They invented a tape fishing game which used even more tape. We built a lot of dens. They spread their toys over every room I was in. They peeled and the grated carrots for the turkey chili we had.

Hoping tomorrow is a little less rainy.

The one where the Jehovah’s Witnesses took pity on me

Two Jehovah’s Witnesses came a calling today. They took one look at me, the pingus and my walls full of taped up kid art and told me they wouldn’t keep me from my nursery. Gave me a couple of Watchtowers and sprinted over the lawn.

On the one hand relieved not to have to get rid of them myself but on the other hand my kids weren’t even crying! I didn’t look that harassed! Also, I’ve only got the two toddlers. I guess they’ll be back in 15 years when I can hold down a conversation.

Today was much better, energy levels returning to normal. Whilst I did a quick bit of sewing after breakfast they built New York and rockets out of blocks, then took photos of themselves with the rocket.



We got out for a good long cycle, and found interesting seed pods and collected some twigs for snowmen arms. Zoey excitedly told one of the neighbors about collecting twigs for snowmen arms. Yeah, they are really excited for snow. Don’t worry kids it’s hangs around for months here.



When we got home it was a quick snack and then back out to compost. Zoey and Nomi are very excited about building leaf composting areas in the garden. We ran into some issues as the soil isn’t very deep in the front garden so we are switching plans and building it in the back in an abandoned raised bed. So that’s tomorrow’s outdoor project.


Nomi decided to wear my test beanie out in the garden so we now have a gnome!

We finished up the day with some baking, tape cutting and a melt down on what constitutes acceptable dancing at 5pm on a Wednesday.



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