And what about Naomi?

Whilst Zoey scrambles about the flat, exploring and getting into mischief her counterpart sits and sits and sits. The girl loves to sit. On knees, in the corner of the sofa, on the bed, in the bath, and most of all on the play mat surrounded by pillows that are ready to catch her when she throws her head back with such a vigorous laugh that she topples backwards, and is not amused.

Sitting and playing

Sitting and sitting

Sitting and smiling when she should have been in bed

And cuddling is good too

They are such different girls: physically, temperamentally and developmentally. Naomi, at this point, shows no interest on being on her belly or rolling over. Sure she sleeps on her side but during the day she likes to sit, and she has been like that from three months – if not earlier. She’d lay on the play mat for a bit and then cry till she was put in her box (our poor man’s version of a Bumbo) or stuffed in the corner of the sofa.

Not happy

Now she can sit and play she is so happy. I reckon that one day she’d just pull herself up and walk to the fridge for a snack.


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