May Missives From The Hinterland (Part 1)

I type this with one hand has I push the stroller around our back garden. It’s nap time and yes we now have not just a back garden but one with a patio large enough to do figure of eights with the stroller.

I’m listening to multiple bird songs in the trees and the chickens in a back garden that backs onto ours. And planes I can hear planes again. There’s a squirrel running along the fence. Safe to say that Dorothy is no longer in Kanas, or perhaps it’s the opposite and Dorothy is back in Kanas and the NYC metro area was Oz.

As I stroll back and forth I’m making a mental note of everything we need to tackle in the garden: weeding, sweeping, identifying all the plants and flowers, figuring out what stays and what goes, more weeding and hoping our lawn guy comes on Saturday.

I didn’t think I’d enjoy the tranquility as much but I feel that this move is bringing me some much needed head space.


Nap time stroll experiment failed

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“Faster daddy! Zoey and Mommy are leaving us behind!”

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Where Cylon Raiders hide in the Tardis

We’ve been out with the new stroller and the two car seats twice since we picked them up from the shop last weekend. So far everyone we’ve encountered express amazement when we tell them the stroller + car seats fit in our car. One person in our apartment elevator said, “SUV?”, followed by “Really?!” when we told him our car is a small hatchback!

After our initial struggle to find a stroller that will fits in the trunk of our Golf GTI, we found the Baby Jogger City Select. It collapses into a rather shallow but tall dimension which fits easily into the trunk space with spaces for baby stuff or groceries.


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