A bout of illness and some butterflies 

Our week went off the rails slightly with Zoey spiking a fever and chills on Tuesday afternoon, her vommiting over Mr Dinosaur was thankfully a red herring as the fever dropped it morphed into a snotty cold. 

A three year old with a snotty cold is this: 



During Zoey’s periods of recharging under her blanket Nomi was bouncing about like a pinball. Trying to fill the space of two, and then calming to play next to her sleeping sister. Though don’t think she played quietly all the time, this afternoon as Zoey napped on me Nomi was bouncing up and on the sofa. Bless. 

In between the naps, the movies and audiobooks we drew butterflies. Nomi and Zoey both asked to draw butterflies so their could glitter them. They wanted me to draw them for them but that’s a no, instead I suggested we draw together and we grabbed The Hungry Caterpillar to look at the butterfly. We talked about the shapes as I drew and they copied then we SPARKLED. 



Hopefully less snot tomorrow. 


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