Back in the saddle

Our first full day home, and we are all tired and snappy. Nomi didn’t want a cardi she wants daddy. Zoey didn’t want to eat her dinner because I didn’t wash the curly straw for her water.

Little dudes, I get it and we still had some good times today. The observational drawing of dinosaurs this morning was awesome and we all drew great stegosaurs.





Then when the Solar City engineer turned up to run a diagnostic (so Star Trek) we dashed out side to watch and rake (I mean play in) the leaves. You are so excited about the snow (!?) we started collecting sticks for snowmen arms because who wants to be caught short in two three months from now.

But that really used up all your energy for the day. So grumpy. So snappy. Still so tired.

Let’s hope that after two full night’s of sleep has everyone in a better mode tomorrow.





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