Hurrah for November 

I should be casting on my secret Christmas knitting but thought I’d put finger tips to keyboard instead. 

Friends, the Pingus have turned five. FIVE. They are so big, and awesome, and yet still so small (especially when they are flash mobbed by older kids when they are giving out Halloween candy). We rode the train of excitement right through birthdays and into Halloween, and now all is calm again. You know, until they start asking when it’s going to snow because my girls love snow. 

We’ve already had sledge anxiety setting in. One night Z couldn’t sleep because “Are we getting a sledge this year, mama” and “Too big to slide in boxes, mama”.  Then it moved on to where we should go sledging, and perhaps we could find a meet-up group for sledging. Bless them. I promised that as soon as sledges appeared in Target or Costco we’d buy one so we’d be ready. 


Sewing for spring 

It snowed again today. We rallied and went out for a walk because that’s what we do. 



We also baked digestive biscuits, and played with trains and I finished off some sewing. 



In fact, this week I finished off a bunch of sewing projects, making way for my upcoming week of zips. 

I completed Nomi and Zoey’s replacement airplane dresses. They are long. Little House on the Prairie long but there be growth spurts coming between now and fall, and I’d like them to last. 




In the interests of balance here is Nomi in another home sewn dress. 



I love the green and red combination in Nomi’s dress. I finished a pair of pj pants that are so big I think they should see the recipient through to double digits. The grey fabric really works with the butterflies I think. 


And then I finished up my second pinafore tunic. I played around with the basic pinafore pattern from the Japanese sewing book Happy Homemade Sew Chic. 



My first pinafore tunic is in voile which I LOVE. The second in a light to medium cotton, I love this too but if I were to make it again I’d opt for voile again. 

Let’s talk modifications before I nod off. I scooped out the sides (I wanted them open to the hips) and narrowed the front so it’s more like an apron. I narrowed it by adding pleats (6 in the front and 4 in the back) so that it measured around 9 inches across. Then I trimmed the bib down. I cut the straps a couple of inches longer, too. 


They are great for layering and jazzing things up as we wait for spring. 

-2C, feels warm 

Alex is trying to convince me that the worst of winter is behind us and that spring is just around the corner. Whilst my weather app agrees with him I am dubious (but hopeful). 

February has been such a long and cold month. There aren’t even hints of spring in our neck of the woods. Just iced over sidewalks and snow. That said it was relatively warm yesterday and we headed out for a balance bike ride. Nomi and Zoey only had to wear two pairs of trousers and they decided to break out their sunnies. 

It was glorious to be out and not beaten down by the wind. It was nice enough for us to do our usual two mile circuit. 

Maybe spring is on the way…

Our weekend

A quiet weekend of errands and art here, and more snow and some sunshine.

Saturday we adults applied for our Americano passports, the Pingus having got theirs when they were born, and I had the best headshot taken of me. It’s karma at work because my driving license photo is so tragic.


I’m going to really enjoy traveling on that passport when it arrives. The girls chatted up a storm with the Post Office lady, and with all the servers in the Korean restaurant we went to afterwards. The girls could have sweet talked the waitresses into making them a sandwich. Given that they weren’t that into the food we ordered they probably should have. They were fascinated by the sushi Alex had. A platter of fancy things that became sushi theatre as they told Alex which order to eat everything in.


At the end of the meal the waitresses gave Zoey and Nomi helium balloons left over from Valentines Day. The girls couldn’t have been happier.

Sunday was sunny. It had snowed and rained overnight so we still had to shovel but sunny and a warm 6°C. I pottered about the house without my padded vest on. Positively balmy. We busted out of the house to the Philadelphia Museum of Art for their family art day.


It was a good day out but our next family outing needs to contain trains.

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