Tiny Vikings stormed the camping store

Toddlers are not the greatest shopping companions. Groceries stores at least have food and trollies, but dress shops or anything that doesn’t cater to the little ones isn’t tolerated.

I understand.

But camping stores are places of wonder. Places where there are tents and chairs, and you can be a little more rowdy than say every other store you visit because it’s the CAMPING STORE. You should be excited in the store of adventuring!





We like the camping store!




Zoey went shopping in her Tesla t-shirt

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Since both Leah and I grew up in the UK, we are partial to European-sized car. So we are perfectly happy with our Golf GTI. One potential problem though is its trunk (a.k.a. boot in the UK) size when transporting a stroller. If we were to have only a single baby, that shouldn’t be a problem but since we are expecting twins, the size of the stroller would be bigger.

I searched Amazon for double-strollers hoping to see dimensions when the stroller is folded thus allowing me to figure out whether one would fit in the GTI’s trunk. First, the only dimensions Amazon lists are for the un-folded state. Second, even when the product description touts its smaller than competition folded size (e.g. “20% smaller than all the competitions”), the actual size is never mentioned. Finally, I was hoping that there would be someone who has similarly sized car and wrote a review but it seems the smallest car American would purchase/use for twins is small size SUV such as the Honda CRV.

Not having any luck with Amazon, I thought may be the stroller manufacturers would have that information on their web sites. Guess what? Only one of them (Baby Jogger) has the information and it is buried in a way that only someone who is determined to find it, would. (Leah and I looked the site really closely after handling an actual one in shop)

The next day Leah joined the great challenge of folded dimensions search and also came up with nothing. We then decided that we needed to visit a baby shop/store to see the strollers in person so we can judge/measure for ourselves. There aren’t any Baby R Us or Buy Buy Baby near us but Leah managed to find a baby shop (BambiBaby) just down the road. Judging from their web site, I wasn’t entirely confident they know what they are doing. But when we got to the shop, it turns out to be a really nice baby shop staffed with very knowledgable Latino grand-mother/mother. One fo them showed us couple of double strollers and both folded up neatly and small enough to fit into the GTI’s trunk. One is side-by-side, and the other is tandem which we preferred.

Crisis averted!

From this experience, I can only concluded that in America parents’ of twin babies would only drive larger car, starting from small SUV/CUV, and therefore there is no incentive for stroller manufacturers to have the folded up dimensions on their web site or sales literature.

Welcome to life in America with babies, where everything must be larger!

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