Breaking Out of the Apartment: 0 to 3 months

I started to go a little stir crazy this week, even though we are full steam ahead for the c-section on Tuesday it just feels like I’ve been pregnant forever and trapped with ever decreasing circles of mobility. I swear the Cylons had yet another growth spurt yesterday, and my belly feels so tight and heavy it’s getting really oppressive. So, I’ve started to fantasize about what we’ll get up to in the first 3 months of the invasion, and which places will be Cylon and Cylon Raider friendly.

I’m probably overreaching somewhat (huge surprise there) but here’s my ‘breaking out of the apartment’ list:

  • Stroll around the communal garden – starting things off slowly
  • Getting coffee – I’ve been checking out all the local coffee shops to pick the ones that aren’t too busy & have space for the stretch stroller
  • Hitting up the waterfront & other local parks – fresh air is our friend
  • Watching Alex play tennis wherever
  • Dim Sum in Queens
  • Hair cut and color – can’t wait to be able to have my highlights put back in (haven’t had hair dyed since Feb!)
  • Brunch w/ friends anywhere
  • Road trip to the outlet malls to shop for winter weather outfits for the Cylons
  • Walk around Stone Barn Farm w/ the Cylons in carriers
  • Ferry into TriBeCa for coffee/lunch with friends

Okay, that list doesn’t look too scary but I guess I might be thinking differently next week when we actually have the Cylons in our arms….


31 weeks

I hit a physical wall last week. My bump dropped a bit so it’s getting harder and harder to sit/stand/walk/exist and I’ve gained a staggering 35 lbs (on my once lithe 5’3″ frame that’s a heck of a lot). It’s become apparent that I need to scale back my already scaled back schedule. I’d gone into the city for a lunch, then met my friend in Midtown for a coffee (and had a poke around the L’oreal staff store) and then come home (via WholeFoods of course). (It took me three days to recover!)


A field guide on how to approach a Heavily Pregnant Woman (HPW)

On the surface the slow moving HPW may look like a panda bear: docile and cuddly as she lumbers along or chows down on shoots and leaves. Ones immediate reaction upon spying a ‘friendly’ looking HPW might be to approach with wild abandonment; attempt to engage in conversation or pet her. Don’t! How ever playful they may look on the surface things can turn nasty in a blink of an eye:


29 Weeks

I feel like I’ve been so hugely pregnant for so long that I am becoming an urban myth in my neighborhood. Wandering around defying the laws of gravity, and forever chasing an elusive due date. Behold the Garden State Sisyphus:


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