What I read: March 

As Alex is putting the Pingus to bed I shall catch up with some blog-post-keeping. March wasn’t too bad a month for reading given that we were getting over travel, Zoey got sick and I’m trying to read ‘Team of Rivals’.


‘A Dangerous Place: A Maisie Dobbs Mystery’ by Jacqueline Winspear 

Not bad. It’s the umpteenth book in the series and Winspear has shaken things up and dropped some of the supporting characters.  No spoilers but if you’ve stuck with this series thus far you will feel rewarded. 

‘A Pocketful of Rye’ by Agatha Christie

She’s getting better. Each Miss Marple mystery is better than the last. When you read her sequentially you realize she has a habit of taking a stock character from one book and developing them a bit more in the next one. She had a lot of books to churn out so we can forgive her. 

‘Team of Rivals’ by Doria Kearne Goodwin

I’m still reading this. I got half way through in March and then took a break for Agatha. I’m back now reading with a vengeance because whilst the second half of the book picks up steam I’d like to get back to short and easy mysteries. 


‘The Saturday Big Tent Wedding’ by Alexander McCall Smith

Standard McCall Smith fare. A fun, cosy mystery and the characters are still holding up. 

‘A Year of Living Dannishly’ by Helen Russell 

This is essentially Bridge Jones goes to Denmark and got a book deal. It’s a skin deep look at what makes Danish society gel together so well. 

And now I’ve finished all the Outlander books it’s back to Jack Ryan in ‘Clear and Present Danger’ read by the worst narrator ever. 


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