What time is it? 

Show time! 

Trying to play a “What time is it?” bingo game when you’ve listened to a lot of Hamilton is a tad hard. 

Zoey and Nomi are trying to learn the lyrics to Hamilton (makes the Music Together songs look so simple). They are doing well and I there are worst things we could all be listening to. 

It was a dreich day here but our first day since getting back where no one was plagued by a heavy cold (well bar Alex but he’s in NYC) so we celebrated by staying in our pjs all day. 

We did get out for the girls to fly kites for the first time. Much excitement. 


Other than that there was lots of play, I continued with the big storage reorganize and looked longingly out of the window at the shrubs I bought at the weekend but it was too wet to plant them. Hopefully tomorrow. 



We painted, played and Eeyore got a make over





A relaxing Friday. We had a new to us bird appear at our feeder: Northern Flicker. It was a he so had the red patch on the back of his neck. We do enjoy our birds.

Tomorrow we are heading to IKEA for more train track as we don’t have enough, we have a fair amount but given that both girls want to build large tracks we need more. Apparently. Zoey also told me that I should get a rug for my bedroom and add that to the IKEA list. Nice to know she’s looking out for my (our) cold feet when we get out of bed.


Cardboard tunnel

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