Trains & Pingus! 

A little behind on our exciting adventures… 

Saturday saw us hauling ourselves out of bed at the usual weekday time to get to the station to take the 8:10am train into NYC to go to the zoo. That morning penguin feeding time had us hustling! 

We got out fairly smoothly barring Zoey laying down and bursting into tears after she had to add more layers to her outfit (a fleece and cord pants). 

“I can’t move. Too many clothes!”

I hear you Zoey! None of us wanted to layer up but it was a sunny but blustery day. 

We had a good day out, the train journey was very exciting (especially the double decker train on the way back but NJ transit is still not fast enough for our little ones who want to break the sound barrier) and the zoo was much more interesting to them this year. Our supersmeller (Nomi) managed to tolerate the penguin enclosure. Love of penguins trumps smells and semi-darkness! Though she turned on her heels at the tropic zone because that was “too smelly” and obviously no penguins. 


They loved the map. It had pictures of the animals on them so they could tell us what they wanted see. Big win. 



The penguins,  sea lions, bears and birds were the big hits of the zoo. We had a good day, exhausting but good. Saturday also acted as a tester our trip to the UK, a long day out without the car. I learnt many good lessons: 

  • Normal snack protocol is off. Traveling all day means hourly snacks and a proper lunch out. It’s hungry work. 
  • Must have an emergency snack for the last journey of the day just in case it needs to be deployed. 
  • Nomi will touch everything. Particularly everything shiny in the subway so wipes for everyone. 
  • Zoey and Nomi talked non-stop about everything so I think they will be fine flying and traveling.



I’m trying to finish a Christmas present that I want to mail tomorrow. So I’m spent and ready for bed. Therefore short blog post and I leave you with this.


Just before we started the big end of day toy tidy up and get them in pjs they spied one of our neighbors Christmas lights. Cue an excursion in the dark!

The full dancing video in all its glory

I posted a truncated video on Instagram but I felt their full dance party needed to be seen.

Aren’t they glorious little Pingus? Of course a song later and they were telling me to stop singing and dancing. Ouch, kids, ouch.

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