What a sky! It promises to snow all tomorrow and I believe it.

We got out for a nice long bike ride-walk today. It’s really an hour of alfresco whys but fun nether the less. Fingers crossed for the snow tomorrow. Enough for igloo building or just foot prints?


It’s a look




Chilling at Princeton University

The Glums


This was the gang yesterday by the early evening. I’ve dropped the post-lunch walk nap as it was taking longer and longer to get the Cylonettes to sleep, and I’ve been hoping that they will take to napping in the flat.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

They just won’t nap no matter how tired they are. They can’t seem to stop themselves from moving. Too much to do. Too many things to explore.

By the late afternoon they are in an awful mood. Harder and harder to distract, and cry at the mere brush of the lightest finger. Sadly, none of us have been nominated for an Oscar and there isn’t much singing.

I’ll keep toughing it out at the mo. I have faith that they will nap eventually or get use to being up for long stretches.

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