I’ve been struck with a travel bug. Just a snotty cold. Zoey has it too. Nomi, in her own words “runs very fast from the sneeze and doesn’t get sick”. 

So today we recovered. Recovered from sneezing. From all the new people. Stuck to the park and the garden. 

Yes, first thing this morning before I’d had my second coffee we trotted through the woods to the park. Much happiness all around. 

We also hung out in my mum’s garden in our macs because it’s May in Scotland. Played in the sad, swung on the swing (everyone taking turns) and planted seeds. 


Tomorrow it’s back to galavanting. 


Painting and park 

It’s all go here. Well, you know. 

Monday the three of us got out for a little bike ride together. It’s been bitterly cold. AGAIN. This is not doing our morale any good. 

Tuesday was painting day by request. After breakfast they wanted to paint polar bears with white paint on white paper. Yeah, I know but what can you do other than paint your polar bear on black paper so you can see it. 


Really they just wanted to daub the white paint. Fair enough. After my polar bear I painted myself a blue sky so I could daub some clouds yeah that turned into a collaboration and then I had to paint another sky for my other colaborator. Later there was a request for feet painting which I put off till the late afternoon. 



And today we did all the things. We ate huge sugar cookies at WholeFoods and did the shop. We dropped the groceries at home, made a picnic and headed to the park. We got the best of the day’s weather so I’m so glad we did that. 



Nomi helped Zoey get over her fear of the shaky bridge. Last year Zoey kept slipping on it and landing hard on her bum! 



These two are too much. Having the full run of the park in the sun. Hearts for eyes. Hearts for eyes. 

And onwards to tomorrow where we recover from today, and it will most likely rain so tomorrow there will be puddles. 

A break in freezing temperatures

Today it was freakishly warm, oh so warm that we could have not worn fleeces and water proof pants but where is the fun in that.

I drove us to the play park. A super straight forward drive, and an empty car park so no parking issues. After all that time spent practicing parallel parking am I ever going to do it for real? (No, never ever!)

Anyway, the park was fun. Nomi and Zoey were so happy, grateful and excited it was as if I’d driven them to IKEA. Though they did pull me up on the lack of car picnic. It’s going to be nice going places during the week.

The weather was so mild I told the girls that we’d have to go out in the afternoon so I could rake the back garden and fill up the leaf compost pen again. They opted to draw in their tree top house whilst a wake of turkey vultures circled overhead.





Assuming there’s some road kill to draw that many vultures together or perhaps they are just home for the holidays.

Sunday in the park w/ George… Err Zoey and Naomi

On Sunday afternoon I took the Cylonettes to see Alex play tennis at a local park. For a time they were entranced with the tennis and then they wanted out of the stroller and to roam.

The fun stuff really is beginning.







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