Painting and park 

It’s all go here. Well, you know. 

Monday the three of us got out for a little bike ride together. It’s been bitterly cold. AGAIN. This is not doing our morale any good. 

Tuesday was painting day by request. After breakfast they wanted to paint polar bears with white paint on white paper. Yeah, I know but what can you do other than paint your polar bear on black paper so you can see it. 


Really they just wanted to daub the white paint. Fair enough. After my polar bear I painted myself a blue sky so I could daub some clouds yeah that turned into a collaboration and then I had to paint another sky for my other colaborator. Later there was a request for feet painting which I put off till the late afternoon. 



And today we did all the things. We ate huge sugar cookies at WholeFoods and did the shop. We dropped the groceries at home, made a picnic and headed to the park. We got the best of the day’s weather so I’m so glad we did that. 



Nomi helped Zoey get over her fear of the shaky bridge. Last year Zoey kept slipping on it and landing hard on her bum! 



These two are too much. Having the full run of the park in the sun. Hearts for eyes. Hearts for eyes. 

And onwards to tomorrow where we recover from today, and it will most likely rain so tomorrow there will be puddles. 


Our weekend

Not to bore you all but this effing cold keeps coming back in waves to me and Zoey, and is lingering with Alex BUT we tried to make the best of the weekend.

Saturday we ran errands, and Sunday feet painting and building snow whales.





Zoey had asked for feet painting on Friday afternoon and I said we could do it one morning. Feet painting is messy but if we do it in the morning after I’ve had my coffee I’m game for anything. I bounce them straight from painty feet into the bath.

I need to get bigger sheets of paper for our next outing.

Hopefully we’ll be more out and about more next weekend, and we are back to music class on Wednesday. Hurrah!

We painted, played and Eeyore got a make over





A relaxing Friday. We had a new to us bird appear at our feeder: Northern Flicker. It was a he so had the red patch on the back of his neck. We do enjoy our birds.

Tomorrow we are heading to IKEA for more train track as we don’t have enough, we have a fair amount but given that both girls want to build large tracks we need more. Apparently. Zoey also told me that I should get a rug for my bedroom and add that to the IKEA list. Nice to know she’s looking out for my (our) cold feet when we get out of bed.

Feet painting!

When we did potato stamping on Saturday at the very end, the very very end Zoey asked to do painting with feet and I said no but promised the next time they asked for big paints we’d do feet painting.

So when she asked to do big paints this morning I reminded her about feet painting, and both Pingus got very excited. They patiently waited on me finishing up my task and then setting up.

I wasn’t sure how they would like paint on their feet. I figured they’d either want to wash it off straight away or they’d be engaged in the exploration for a while.





I think they had a good time, and I joined in too.



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