Car picnic dinner time edition 

They didn’t nap on the way back from music class. They didn’t nap to or from Costco. I knew that they would nap in the ride to pick up Alex which is less than ideal, so since we would end up with a messy bedtime I figured I could try to make it less painful. 

I told Alex to get a later bus but we still headed to the Park & Ride at the same time. I figured they’d nap then we’d wait and get tired. Then in a spark of genius I told them we could eat dinner in the car! And clean teeth! Ho ho ho! 

The excitement of pizza in the car in bunny slippers. It’s just all gravy. 


Recovery day

Yesterday was exhausting and fantastic, and did I mention exhausting. I had the car for the whole day so we could go to music class but being a one car family this means I have to drop Alex at the Park & Ride, and pick him up again after dinner. Just like so many other families do.

So it’s long day for the girls and I, and I won’t even delve into the stress of having to do all this driving. I knew that a fun music class would rock the girls world, and it really did. They loved it so I suck up having to do all this motorway driving, and yes I parked in the overflow carpark away from the sports center (where the music class is) so I can park diagonally and not annoy anyone.

I love the overflow car park. I really don’t want to have to deal with other cars being anywhere near me, and since the girls have been in the car from the get-go of me learning how to drive they understand. They get why mummy parks so far away, and why it’s a big deal when I drive “solo”. So I won’t have a word said against three year olds. Terrible threes I think not.

After music class and lunch we crashed out with Thomas and Friends, and some Sense and Sensibility. Since we still had to get Alex after dinner I knew we needed to pace ourselves. I have learnt a lot from my Twitter friends who are on the go with kids and cars. Pacing and meal planning are essential to reduce the chances of a frazzled mummy and kids.

Since we took it easy we were all in good spirits when we set off in the DARK for Alex. I downloaded a couple of audiobooks for us to listen to when we parked up.

So we did it! Go team Pingu!

Today was recovery. Chores that went undone yesterday needed doing. Zoey and Nomi played long and hard all day to catch-up. Trains, animals, tea parties, octopus wrestling, octopus chase, more trains, a bike ride, Thomas, buttons, and more trains. I got some sewing done, hopefully more tomorrow. Nomi has asked for us to start tomorrow off with the watercolor paints and for me to paint too so we’ll see how much actual sewing I get done. I should really be pining things right now but meh I need to recover.

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