Seven Months. Thirty-One Weeks. Two Hundred and Twenty Six Days (and change).

Seven months! The first year warranty on the Cylonettes is almost running out. Quick let’s find the receipt and the original packaging, and see if we can return them to Best Buy for store credit.

Cylonettes in frocks!

It’s a fun fun time. The girls are all over the place; it’s crazy. Okay it’s just Zoey who is all over the shop as she is now crawling with confidence and “chasing” after me when I go to the  loo or into the bedroom, and did I mention pulling herself up!?! Naomi is always pretty much always right where you left her. Perhaps a centimeter or so to one side but try as she might to use the force to levitate she is still without locomotion. But, as my mum keeps reminding me she is only seven months old.

Bum in the air!


This months has seen some serious upgrades to the Cylonettes hardware. They now give cuddles. Cuddles!




Before we talk Zoey and creeping can I just say that there is a plague upon this family. The Cylonettes and I are just emerging from the snottiest cold ever when Papa Cylon gets struck down with it, or an evil mutation of the original snotty cold. Poor sod came home early from work, and crashed out in the bedroom. Then Zoey went to bed at 7:30pm, and Naomi sensed that there was a power vacuum on the sofa so decided not to go to sleep. The girl only just crashed out at almost 9pm. That never normally happens with Naomi as she loves her sleep but I reckon that since Alex and Zoey were in the other room she saw a good opportunity to stay up late, and get in a bit more grinning. You know, in case she hadn’t done enough!

So Zoey.

Zoey, Zoey, Zoey, Zoey.

What a girl. I was watching her this afternoon, and she is so close to crawling forward. She has started testing out her knees and rocking back and forth (when not trying to lunge forward).  It’s like having a wild life documentary unfold in your living room. I keep expecting David Attenborough to pop up from behind the sofa and start narrating.

I am sure that things are going to fall into place with her in the next few days, and in the meantime we can celebrate what a nimble backwards shuffler she is.

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