A week in food: Thursday

Thursday was a tough day as Zoey didn’t want to eat anything I gave her for her main meals outside of breakfast. Ugh. So she was in a bad mood as I am a tough mother fraker when it comes to snacking. I will not have them filling up to stop the whining because yes they stop whining but then they won’t eat their main meals, and it’s good for them to come to a meal (slightly) hungry. And let’s be honest if you’ve wrangled twins mostly alone for 17 months a little whining is NOTHING. What’s starting to get harder is that they are now pointing at food in the kitchen, and waving plates and bowls at me whilst whining and crying. But I stand firm, and feel slightly mean. Then I read this article about ‘The Snack Epidemic’ and I felt better but I have it easy.

The Cylonettes are young and totally under my influence and control (whoa that sounds Stalinistic). I don’t have to pack a bag of food for day-care or pre-k, they are not surrounded by a classroom full of kids with different eating habits and I don’t have to work outside of the home so I can cook all their meals and snacks from scratch. I just have to put up with the whining, and hold strong. Ugh.

Breakfast: Banana buttermilk pancakes with a few white chocolate chips thrown in for good measure, and whipped cream

Shocker that we all ate these fine pancakes. Alex and I got some maple syrup but the girls had to make do with pretend syrup. At some point they will cotton on, and we’ll have to let them have a spot or else we all go without.

Morning snack: Mini cheesy biscuits and milk

Best snack ever.

Lunch: Shepherd’s pie (leftovers)

Well Naomi and I enjoyed lunch, and Zoey sat there “talking” to the shelf of teddies next to the table.

Afternoon snack: Apricot and sultana crunch (from the freezer) and milk

It’s crunchy and has dried fruit so one can hope some nutrients are being absorbed.

Supper: Lamb ragu (from the freezer) with pasta, and a yogurt

I cut the ragu with cream when I was heating it up to lessen the acidity and increase the likelihood that Zoey would eat it. Big fat NO. Heigh ho what’s a mum to do but offer a yogurt (once Naomi had finished) and hope for the best the next day.


A week in food: Wednesday


A picnic in the kitchen

Breakfast: Cornflakes and homemade bread

This week I made my first white loaf of regular bread (thanks to the encouragement of the Twitter). It was so simple: four ingredients and some time. It tasted great but I’m hoping if I give it more time to rise it will be lighter. I’m hooked, and everyone was happy to eat it.

Morning snack: Apple slices and milk

I’m trying to eat seasonally, and I’m longing for the spring summer fruits to start appearing. Until then it’s lots of apples. W00t. At least I’m getting a lot of use of my apple corer (thanks mum).

Lunch: Leftover tray bake chicken and veggies, plus carrot soup with homemade bread

Lunch was somewhat delayed thanks to Zoey peeing on the floor. Her post walk-nap diaper was so full that when I took her out of the stroller and she started peeing with such force it leaked out, and there was a lovely puddle on the floor. Cue changing Zoey (and Naomi as she had to be included) and washing the floor. This might sound weird but I’m looking forward to potty training this summer. Bring it on.

Thankfully lunch was leftovers so I just had to nuke the chicken and veggies, and warm up the carrot soup (freezer). Predictably both girls wolfed down the chicken, nibbled on the roast veggies, and rejected the carrot soup but happily dunked their bread in it.

Afternoon snack: Leftover bread from lunch and milk

There was plenty of cut and butter bread from lunch so I smeared on some jam, and that was the afternoon snack done. I can’t abide waste so I ate the crusts.

Supper: Shepherd’s Pie, leftover mac-and-cheese and yogurt

The weather is starting to perk up, and I had a big bag of potatoes to use up. I figured it was a good time to squeeze in a stodgy Shepherd’s Pie before winter is finally behind us. I love mince and potatoes, and Naomi does too.  Zoey is not sold so ate the mac-and-cheese, and who doesn’t love a yogurt.

A week in food: Monday

It’s probably a good job that I enjoy cooking so much since that is what I do for most of my day. It feels like I bounce from one meal to a snack to the next meal to a hearty rendition of ‘Little Blue Truck’ to some laundry to a squabble, and back to a snack. This is the type of multi-tasking I can handle. One eye on the kids and the other on the stove. Though to be honest if I’m in the kitchen they are in the kitchen so most likely they are trying to scale the oven. Why are we buying a house with so many rooms when they are glued to me like I’m their mother or something…

I thought that since feeding toddlers was such a lark I’d write about it. A week in food – such fun! Actually it is, after a year plus of not being able to eat properly I’m now eating three meals a day, and all at a table! Woo hoo.

Breakfast: Cornflakes, and wholewheat apple sultana mini-muffins

This is the easiest meal as Alex is there to co-wrangle. The showmanship of pouring cereal is still a winner with the girls. First the flakes, then the milk and then we pretend to sprinkle on sugar! Squeee – such fun when you are 17 months old.

Morning Snack: Mini-cheese biscuits, and milk

Gobbled up in seconds. I’ve started making them in mini form on the weekends when we are out and about.

Lunch: Lamb meatballs in veggie stew with pasta (leftovers from Sunday lunch)

Meatballs. Vegetables. Zoey’s nemesis -real food! Okay, she is not that bad she is just particular, and I refuse to turn it into a “thing” so if she doesn’t want to eat something fine. She will taste everything though normally that ends in her wrinkling her nose, and spitting it out. Which is fine. I’m not going to beg her or sprinkle hundreds and thousands (sprinkles) on her mince (ground meat) – this is what my mum did with me.  Nor am I going to make something else. Going hungry for a few hours will do her no harm, and it will make her more willing to scoff down the next meal. Needless to say that Naomi munched her way through lunch only stopping to spit out the dried apricots in the stew.

Mid-afternoon Snack: Wholewheat apple sultana mini-muffins, and milk

Leftovers from breakfast. Win-win for all.

Supper: Butternut squash mac-and-cheese, broccoli pieces and a banana

Since Zoey didn’t eat lunch I wanted to make supper easy on us all, so I made my go-to mac-and-cheese, or rather Bethenny’s go-to. I’ve made it so often I have the recipe committed to memory and since there is no roux it’s quick. I keep a stash of roasted and pureed butternut squash (measured out in one cup size) in the freezer in ziplock bags (best time saver). Both girls wolfed down their pasta, and Naomi and I ate our broccoli pieces. Naomi really has a taste for broccoli and she eats it out of a little bowl like it’s candy.  Which it is!

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