Maker Faire 2015 

This was our fifth Maker Faire NYC, and whilst we barely scratched the surface I’m calling it a win.

I’ve done Maker Faires: 8 month pregnant with twins, pushing a double stroller with almost walking 1 year olds who refused to sit & preferred to stand, carried one almost 2 year old in an Ergo and then did it the next year with an almost 3 year old. So having two almost 4 year olds who can walk all day by themselves, and pee in toilets is a success.

Safe to say that the NYC Maker Faire is a fixture in our calendar. We are makers, and whilst I’d prefer it if the Faire had more open ended child led making rather than the tables and tables of adult devised activities I’ve made peace with that. We can pick and chose, and gather ideas. It just nice hanging out with the maker crowd, and being surrounded by robots and cool stuff.

Of course going anywhere with small children means you may end up with a different type of day than you’d planned.

Once we arrived Nomi and Zoey’s main priority was tracking down where the bubbles were coming from. Turned out that there was a fancy soda concession/demo that was blasting out bubbles to attract soda lovers. What they got were lines of teens and adults for the drinks, and small children clustered around the bubbles. The bubble machine was pretty epic.

We tried, oh how we tried, to shepherd them inside but next up was mini-golf. They really wanted to play mini-golf last year but were too wee so we could not say no even though it was a free for all.

 After mini-golf we got inside the science museum for a walk-about and lunch. Both girls were starting to tire so we released Alex for a solo explore and we went to the open ended play area in the museum.

Nomi and Zoey’s mood lifted as soon as they could play and settled into games with each other.

 After an hour of playing we headed back out to find R2D2 and smoothies. I managed a solo walk around the craft fair but it was borrowed time as the kids were done but Zoey was holding on for dear life.  She was determined to make something even though she was dog tired. She half heartedly sat down with straws and paperclips (personally I think tape would have been better but there was none to be had) and Nomi next to her happily cutting up straws. The tears started and we took a photo of the straw  structure she wanted to make.

Then back to the car for another picnic before heading home to the Sound of Music soundtrack.


Working out the kinks 

We are a month into Alex working from home full time and it has taken some adjustment on all sides. 

Alex has lost 3 hours of reading and podcast time, he can no longer stroll out of his office to go buy something (unless the Pingus set up a shop selling somethings) but he’s around us all the time (and we are delightful). 

The girls have had to adjust to daddy not being a scarce resource. This was bumpy. It’s taken them the best part of a month to chill out. Daddy isn’t going anywhere and come the fall he’ll be tagging along to music class. 

And me, well I’ve had to get more organized. I’ve been journaling the flow of our days to see what works best. My journal is the best wing-person ever. I’ve figured out that we have to eat meals on time, I’m still doing Mon-Fri bedtimes because it’s less confusing for Zoey, and drawing together is a great way to deal with transitions. 

Ring fencing time for projects, art exploration, and drawing together is a good thing. It’s optional but I’m there. 

As things are settling down I’m working on getting in my Latin and hopefully French time in the morning. My reading is picking up steam again. 

It just all takes time. But it’s so worth it. 


“Yes Zoey it is the weekend tomorrow!”

I almost forgot to blog. I was just decompressing with a film (Closed Circuit – pretty good and Rebecca Hall *squee*) and menu planning.

I recently got a kitchen notebook and set up on my counter. I have the meals of the week laid out, on the opposite page I note down what I’m running out of and recipes of interest. Alex is rolling his eyes at all this but it’s working for me. It’s my external kitchen brain.

So, what were we up today? I finished some hats, the girls played under the table with their planes. Then I finished organizing my bedroom and they went on a road trip to a volcano. We did a nature trolley walk to find flowers and post letters. Then before dinner a bike ride, and on bike ride Zoey announces she wants to make cups when we get home. I ask out of what and she thinks paper. When we get home she asks again and Nomi suggests plasticine. So they made handles and cups as I made dinner.




Happy Friday, everyone. Weekend *squee*

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