Our weekend

We were victorious in IKEA. More track and spinning turn tables. Zoey told me that the little IKEA trains are narrow gauge engines. We’ve watched Blue Mountain Mystery ALOT! They built some tracks out of planks because anything can be a track.





Today was a bad weather day: freezing rain. There was black ice on the road when we drove at just after 7am to tennis. I’d rather have not tagged along to Alex’s tennis but the girls wanted to go so we all went. They did really well and I even managed to catch up on correspondence. Bliss. Might take my Latin with me next week.






The rest of Sunday has been sublimely relaxed. Lots of play, sewing and we all baked Swiss roll. It cracked but that’s not the point.

I hope you all had lovely weekends.


Let’s draw flowers

They asked this morning. Actually they asked to draw flowers and a conker tree. They settled on flowers with the promise that we’d find a conker tree.





I’m enjoying drawing along side the girls, and sticking my pictures up on the wall too. We need to refresh the art on the dining room walls as we are drowning in piles of pictures.

This afternoon as the dark set in (dude, I need to bust out more fairy lights to compensate) we set about putting together an IKEA coat rack. Only a little one that goes on the wall but the girls really enjoyed putting it together. They always enjoy putting together IKEA furniture so I’m thinking I should put together a construction lot of real parts. Is that crazy?

There’s something about handling real tools and proper screws. By pass the Goldiblox stage all together. I figure a trip to Home Depot for parts and maybe something from IKEA. They’ve asked to build go-carts recently. Much to think on.


Obstacle Course

Zoey pushes Naomi around

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/50036633 width=540]

Ok, Naomi was not entirely a willing participant of this stunt but Zoey enjoyed it thoroughly.

(Taken using my new iPhone 5. Quality is better than iPhone 4 but still a lot of rolling shutter. Still can’t beat a dedicated camcorder but I won’t be able to record this moment otherwise.)

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