I’ve been struck with a travel bug. Just a snotty cold. Zoey has it too. Nomi, in her own words “runs very fast from the sneeze and doesn’t get sick”. 

So today we recovered. Recovered from sneezing. From all the new people. Stuck to the park and the garden. 

Yes, first thing this morning before I’d had my second coffee we trotted through the woods to the park. Much happiness all around. 

We also hung out in my mum’s garden in our macs because it’s May in Scotland. Played in the sad, swung on the swing (everyone taking turns) and planted seeds. 


Tomorrow it’s back to galavanting. 


“I wish I had a journal…”

I was running out of steam by the end of the day. Shocker, right considering it rained most of the day.

We sat down to eat dinner and the girls both started asking questions about the flowers on the table. They wanted to know all the parts, and I was just done. I didn’t have the energy for us to get out a book so I said that we could look up the information tomorrow, and that I’d write their questions down in my journal so we wouldn’t forget. 

Zoey said to me, “I wish I had a journal.” I asked her if she wanted to track her interests but no, “I just want to write down your questions and what you want to do.” 

Hearts for eyes, Zoey, hearts for eyes. 

Let’s draw flowers

They asked this morning. Actually they asked to draw flowers and a conker tree. They settled on flowers with the promise that we’d find a conker tree.





I’m enjoying drawing along side the girls, and sticking my pictures up on the wall too. We need to refresh the art on the dining room walls as we are drowning in piles of pictures.

This afternoon as the dark set in (dude, I need to bust out more fairy lights to compensate) we set about putting together an IKEA coat rack. Only a little one that goes on the wall but the girls really enjoyed putting it together. They always enjoy putting together IKEA furniture so I’m thinking I should put together a construction lot of real parts. Is that crazy?

There’s something about handling real tools and proper screws. By pass the Goldiblox stage all together. I figure a trip to Home Depot for parts and maybe something from IKEA. They’ve asked to build go-carts recently. Much to think on.


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