More songs for the playlist

Sometimes I wonder if the neighbors find the crying or my singing more annoying. The jury is out, but in the meantime here’s the updated Spotify playlist:

15.  Dog Days Are Over by Florence & the Machine

During the final few months at my old job I obsessively listened to this song as I walked up Broadway trying to mentally prepare myself for the fray, and as it turned out my “dog days” were going to end quicker than I thought. Now, I hear the song in differently. It’s more up beat, and I am a sucker for anything with ‘happiness’ and ‘sisters’ in the lyrics.

16. Stuck in the Middle With You by Stealers Wheel

Yes, this song will forever be linked to the ear slashing in Reservoir Dogs but it is also how I feel when I am alone with the girls. Not that I want to cut off their ear just stuck in the middle of dueling baby needs.

17. Daft Punk is Playing at My House by LCD Sound System

If Naomi is our chilled out, old soul philosopher (last night’s fussiness not withstanding as I am putting that down to residual “trauma” from Monday’s Hep B shot) then Zoey is our daft punk. The girl has some crazy moves and facial expressions (cross eyed drunk is my favorite).

18. All Along The Watch Tower by Bear McCreary

The essential song for our Cylonettes, and if they start having clandestine meetings in the boiler room I know we are in trouble!

19. Big Bang Theory Theme by Bare Naked Ladies

We watched a lot of BBT during my epic and seemingly never ending pregnancy, and I sang the theme to the bump. We hope to raise geeky nerds like on BBT, and since Zoey is on special formula for fussy Cylonettes she is our mini Leonard. But who is Naomi? Raj, Howard, Penny or a mini-Sheldon?


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