Easter, teething & UP

I know I’m behind but it’s all a bit crazy here or rather crazier than normal. We’ve just signed the lease on our new apartment and we move in less than 2 weeks. It’s still in our current neighborhood, and still only a one bed but slightly larger with more storage space. I know it’s a bit of a sideways move for just one year but there is a whole narrative that occurred between us giving notice, and where we find ourselves today. We know that a big move (to most likely the suburbs) is on the cards but we want to have a planning year so that we can research and find the best neighborhood for our family. Gulp. Our family. “Loose footed and free of fancies no longer are you” – the philosopher, and Jedi Master Yoda would say of us.

Very important twin(s)

Let’s forget about the move (and the packing and cleaning) and focus on cute photos of the girls at Easter. We went over to a friends for an Easter egg hunt, and Korean food. I’ve decided that bibimbapis perfect Easter nosh as there is an egg on top of a sizzling stone, and if you mix in enough hot sauce you can be revived from any state of zombie-ness.



Five Months. Twenty Weeks. 140 Days.

Okay, I’m late on this post, and it’s now five months and some change. But, here let me distract you from my tardiness with cuteness.

"I will eat you up!"

Is it lame to say that it keeps getting better? That Zoey and Naomi are the most amazing people ever, and if they are this awesome this wee imagine how much more awesome they will be when they can walk and talk. I don’t think the world is ready for the Hung sisters.

"Entertain us, human."

So if we put the amazing awesomeness to one side for the moment I will say that it is hard. So hard. For every developmental move forward it seems to chip away at whatever free time I had for chores and looking at photos on People.


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