Sewing dresses for Pooh and Eeyore 

When Zoey and Nomi were babies (and still twins) a friend gave them some Winnie the Pooh soft toys. At some point after we moved to the house the girls started attaching to specific soft toys. Nomi took to Eeyore (I think because he sits) and Zoey to Pooh. 

Pooh and Eeyore’s personalities were formed prior to their knowing the stories. In fact, as we listen to the Winnie the Pooh audiobook Nomi is upset that there is not more Eeyore in the stories. Eeyore is not a supporting character in her eyes. 

Pooh having a t-shirt has been something of an issue, so Nomi has been asking to make a dress for Eeyore that covers her tail (Eeyore is gender non-specific), and then Pooh needs a dress too. 

So yesterday being a day of yet more fraking snow we sewed. I used Pooh’s crop top as a pattern, the girls picked fabric and then cut out the dresses. They did some pinning and worked the pedal of the sewing machine (they want to feed the fabric through next time), gave feedback on the length and we have dresses! 


We painted, played and Eeyore got a make over





A relaxing Friday. We had a new to us bird appear at our feeder: Northern Flicker. It was a he so had the red patch on the back of his neck. We do enjoy our birds.

Tomorrow we are heading to IKEA for more train track as we don’t have enough, we have a fair amount but given that both girls want to build large tracks we need more. Apparently. Zoey also told me that I should get a rug for my bedroom and add that to the IKEA list. Nice to know she’s looking out for my (our) cold feet when we get out of bed.

Rooms with views

We were pirates today. We made hats, walked the plank and then ate our pirate pasta for lunch. Not sure where the pirate thing came from but it was fun to play along.

We also cut into the boxes we got from the art museum and turned them into proper houses. Nomi and Zoey drew where they wanted windows and doors, and I got my craft knife out. Much excitement.






We got out for a longish bike ride, and when a familiar stranger asked where my bike was Zoey told her “I like mummy running behind.” More exercise, right!

At lunch a few days ago…

Nomi expressed her concern (= shrieked loudly) that rabbit wasn’t at luncheon. I didn’t really feel like going off to find both girls’ rabbits and I knew that it would be opening the flood gates to bring EVERY SOFT TOY to the table so I told Nomi that rabbit was sleeping. This was perfectly plausible to an almost 2yo.

Over the last few weeks Zoey and Nomi have got more attached to their soft toys. Feeding, petting and wiping their bums. At first it was their rabbits which were dragged around by the ear but at the moment it’s Eeyore and Pooh.

Nomi has Eeyore in a Vulcan strangle hold for most of the day. She has perfected propelling herself along on her bike whilst having Eeyore under one arm. Zoey has more of an on-again-off again relationship with Pooh. He must be in bed at night time, and keep himself available for meals just in case he’s needed but other than that he is free to mooch and offer first aid to Eeyore.



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