Working out the kinks 

We are a month into Alex working from home full time and it has taken some adjustment on all sides. 

Alex has lost 3 hours of reading and podcast time, he can no longer stroll out of his office to go buy something (unless the Pingus set up a shop selling somethings) but he’s around us all the time (and we are delightful). 

The girls have had to adjust to daddy not being a scarce resource. This was bumpy. It’s taken them the best part of a month to chill out. Daddy isn’t going anywhere and come the fall he’ll be tagging along to music class. 

And me, well I’ve had to get more organized. I’ve been journaling the flow of our days to see what works best. My journal is the best wing-person ever. I’ve figured out that we have to eat meals on time, I’m still doing Mon-Fri bedtimes because it’s less confusing for Zoey, and drawing together is a great way to deal with transitions. 

Ring fencing time for projects, art exploration, and drawing together is a good thing. It’s optional but I’m there. 

As things are settling down I’m working on getting in my Latin and hopefully French time in the morning. My reading is picking up steam again. 

It just all takes time. But it’s so worth it. 



Drawing together

So, drawing together is really catching on. So much so that Zoey and Nomi told me that granny needs her own clipboard for when she comes next month.

Gather materials, sit down and draw.


This morning, even though they instigated the drawing, they got caught up with playing with their animals as I sat and drew. Then Zoey started writing a letter to Santa which she decided needed to be taped to the front door, and then Nomi came with her picture of a camel. Love it.



Let’s draw flowers

They asked this morning. Actually they asked to draw flowers and a conker tree. They settled on flowers with the promise that we’d find a conker tree.





I’m enjoying drawing along side the girls, and sticking my pictures up on the wall too. We need to refresh the art on the dining room walls as we are drowning in piles of pictures.

This afternoon as the dark set in (dude, I need to bust out more fairy lights to compensate) we set about putting together an IKEA coat rack. Only a little one that goes on the wall but the girls really enjoyed putting it together. They always enjoy putting together IKEA furniture so I’m thinking I should put together a construction lot of real parts. Is that crazy?

There’s something about handling real tools and proper screws. By pass the Goldiblox stage all together. I figure a trip to Home Depot for parts and maybe something from IKEA. They’ve asked to build go-carts recently. Much to think on.



Daylight saving kicked in over the weekend so whilst we have a sliver more daylight in the morning the late afternoons are drawing in which means we need to eat dinner earlier because when my daughters see it’s dark outside they want to go to bed.

At ten past five I had dinner on the go and but needed girls to change into pjs so obvious this is the perfect time for Zoey to ask me to draw her a fish. Even though I really wanted to eat early I couldn’t draw Zoey’s fish, oh no! I told her we could draw fish together from our big animal book and Nomi joined in too.




We looked at the shapes that made up the fish and the details. Once we broke it down into parts, and started drawing Zoey soon stopped asking me to draw it for her and was proud of work.

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