What I read: June

I had a really bad Cormoran Strike hangover in June. Real bad. As soon as I finished reading ‘Career of Evil’ I started listening to the audiobook of ‘Cuckoo’s Calling’. That was my audiobook for June. Loved it! 

My reading hangover was so bad I only read Bill Bryson’s ‘Notes From a Small Island’ which was a delight. Bryson is so naughty. Nails the small island perfectly but he’s a wag. 

So it cured me of my hangover and I was raring to read again come July which was good because this month has been a hot, gloopy mess. 


What I Read: April & May

Friends, for whatever reason May was a tough month. Maybe it was the weather maybe it’s just how life is but new month tomorrow so fresh starts again. 

I’ve actually read quite a few books in the last two months. April saw me finally finishing Team of Rivals, rewarding myself with 4:50 From Paddington (possibly my favorite Agatha Christie) and reading my first Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling) Cuckoo’s Calling. Oh my word how much did I love Cuckoo’s Calling? I love the characters and I want a zillion Cormoran Strike novels. 

In May I sped read the other two Cormoran Strike novels: The Silkworm and Career of Evil. How much did I enjoy more adventures with Cormoran and his girl Friday Robin? I sucked the words off the pages and bathed in them. I’ve now got three friends and my dad reading the books. Spread the word! 

I had such a Cormoran & Robin hangover it has taken me most of May to read The Mirror Cracked From Side To Side by Agatha Christie. I did not enjoy this Miss Marple. 

On the audiobook front I tried to finish Clear and Present Danager (worst narrator ever) but I had to abandon it mid-May to listen to Cuckoo’s Calling (great narrator) because I was jonesing for more Strike (and I’m trying to find the clues). 

Not sure what I’ll be reading in June. 

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