Zoey & Naomi in their Recaro car seats

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Naomi’s new car seat

Naomi has finally grown too large for her infant car seat. This time, instead of buying same color for both Cylonettes, we decided to get the color suited for each of them. For Naomi, it’s Star Trek science officer blue. Just like her favorite PJ!

(Zoey is right behind Naomi so it won’t be long before we get the second seat.)

The car seat is a lot higher so she should be able to see out of the windows more. On the flip side, it’s also wider so Leah will be even more cramped in the middle seat when we have both seats in the back.

(Before you hit the comment button. No, we are not getting a mini-van. We’d rather walk than drive/seat a mini-van. It’s that serious.)





Unintended Consequence

I got my new iPhone 5 last Friday and the next day I paired it with the car via Bluetooth. The final step of the pairing process involves supplying a name of the phone to the car system. For my old iPhone 4 I used “iPhone” and my Nokia it was “Nokia”. So I had to do the same for the iPhone 5 and was planning to say, “iPhone” again. What I didn’t count on is that I had to do it while Naomi was strapped to the car seat and the car wasn’t in motion.

Here is what the car has as the name of my iPhone 5.

Our Star Wars family TSX Sport Wagon

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