Beating winter narcolepsy 

I’ve finally stopped disco napping after putting the pingus to bed. It only took several weeks of day light saving time and it getting lighter in the evening for me to grow out of my winter narcolepsy. Because of this I can’t be too hard on the pingus taking longer to fall asleep. 

The weather is still meh. 

Still wearing two pairs of pants but have packed my snow boots away. Over the weekend we got out for our first Von Trapp family bike outing at a local nature park. 



It was cold but we had a good cycle. Looking forward to being able to picnic (who am I?) and not be chasing warm patches in the sun. 

The last few days it’s all been about building and painting. Shocker! 

After a break of a few weeks Zoey asked me to help build a roller coaster. She told me we’d need tape. She was right. 



We’ve done big paints for the last two mornings. It started with some color mixing, and then moved on to painting their engines. A few weeks ago they turned boxes into engines with cotton balls for steam and circles for wheels. All their own ideas. They finished them as much as they wanted and I left them in an accessible spot in case they wanted to play or do something more to them. 

Monday they started paining them and the engines morphed into homes for Pooh and Eeyore. Took all their will power not to stuff all their furry friends in straight away. When they were almost dry rabbits and the like started sneaking in. Bless. 


Elevated railway 

We’ve watched a few Thomas fan videos of home built tracks on YouTube. It’s been giving Nomi and Zoey ideas about roller coaster tracks as they call them and it’s cultivated their interest in crashes. 

A lot of tape and blocks are involved, and small pieces of furniture. It’s all good stuff, and needless to say the trains keep up a narrative as they face these new dangers. 

Let’s draw flowers

They asked this morning. Actually they asked to draw flowers and a conker tree. They settled on flowers with the promise that we’d find a conker tree.





I’m enjoying drawing along side the girls, and sticking my pictures up on the wall too. We need to refresh the art on the dining room walls as we are drowning in piles of pictures.

This afternoon as the dark set in (dude, I need to bust out more fairy lights to compensate) we set about putting together an IKEA coat rack. Only a little one that goes on the wall but the girls really enjoyed putting it together. They always enjoy putting together IKEA furniture so I’m thinking I should put together a construction lot of real parts. Is that crazy?

There’s something about handling real tools and proper screws. By pass the Goldiblox stage all together. I figure a trip to Home Depot for parts and maybe something from IKEA. They’ve asked to build go-carts recently. Much to think on.


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