Daddy’s Little Cylon(ettes)

Daddy's Little Cylon(ettes)


The Cylon(ettes)



Evolution by alexhung
Evolution, a photo by alexhung on Flickr.

38 Weeks & Some Change

I tweeted today that it felt like a day of lasts, and tomorrow would be a day of firsts.

I took my last solo subway ride into the city. Ate my last lunch by myself; alone with my thoughts. Pleased myself as I pottered about the flat cleaning, and making crepes for super. Tonight we’ll drink tea and watch uninterrupted TV by ourselves for the last time.

Tomorrow is the invasion and we won’t be alone again for a long while.

We’ll meet our hybrid Cylons for the first time.  Though I feel like we know them already. We’ve given them nick names, and real names. We’ve been talking to them (and I’ve been singing the theme to Big Bang Theory) all summer. We’ve felt their kicks and jabs get stronger and stronger. We’ve seen them grow on our monthly and eventually weekly scans from a collection of bones to the chubby buggers they looked like on Friday.

They’ve taken over our flat, our lives and my poor body.

And tomorrow, they take over our hearts.

My birth plan is written on an etch-a-sketch

Well it turns out that Cylon B is full of tricks. At today’s scan B was showing as transverse, and I am hoping that s/he is flipping between head down and transverse given the amount of wiggling going on. So gods knows what will happen now: c-section or natural? It’s all down to the flip of a Cylon.

If (or should that be when) I go into labor then they will scan me to see what position the little trickster Cylons are in, and we can take it from there.  The issue with B being transverse is that in theory after A is delivered B will flip around and deliver naturally as well but there is a chance that B could decide not to flip or freak out, and then an emergency c is on the cards. And, how cool would it be to be able to deliver naturally and via a c-section! Within minutes of each other!  Yeah – not that cool.

So I am just going with the flow. Whatever needs to happen will happen, and I’ll be seeing my OBGYN at the end of the week so come up with a “plan” for next week. My guess is that I’ll come in for a c-section next week, and if when they scan me both babies are head down then they induce me there and then as I can’t keep carrying. But that’s just my “medical drama” educated guess.

On the plus side the Cylons are measuring amazingly well – 6lbs 5ozs and 7lbs. So I am lugging around over 13lbs of Cylon chubbiness! Even with the margin of error for these scans these are good sized Cylons. Despite all the hurdles  to getting pregnant my body is apparently quite the hospitable host, and everyone keeps telling me that I am carrying well.

I was in the elevator at the hospital today going up to my scan appointment, and I was surrounded by OBGYNs who were in a heated discussion about meal times when they were growing up (whether or not your parent(s)  enforced the ‘eat everything on your plate rule’ or not). The older OBGYN was asking the civilians in the lift as well, and when he got to me he just had to compliment me on my bump especially when they other OBGYNs (possibly students) correctly identified me as carrying twins. I thought he was about to burst into song about the magnificence of my bump.

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