37 Weeks

As suspected my OBGYN was as surprised as the rest of us that Breech Cylon had turned. But that’s the thing about twins they always keep you on your toes. (If they can pull these tricks before they are born who knows what they’ll be like when they are out in the wild!) She’s still keeping the OR booked for the c-section on the 25th just in case s/he flips back but as long as they both stay head down then we are on track for a regular delivery, and now that I’ve hit 37 weeks they are officially deemed full term so they are ready to…


Except that despite their full term-ness and cramped quarters they apparently haven’t got much interest in coming out so we are stuck in a holding pattern till they change their minds. Okay, they aren’t that much in the driving seat. My OBGYN won’t let me go beyond 39 weeks so if they don’t get a shuffle on then I’ll be looking at an induction. Ugh.

Really hoping that they make an appearance soon as the waiting is starting to get wearing (and I could do with a break from the swollen ankles and feet that leave me looking like Frankenstein’s Monster by the end of the day), and the Cylons’ kicks are so strong that I reckon that the inside of me is covered in tiny little foot prints, and any day now they’ll claw their way out a la Alien. They are crazy active – how will we ever swaddle them?

So we’ll see what happens this week. I have the usual round of scans, non-stress tests and check-ups scheduled but I’ve got my fingers crossed, and given that Alex has a company away day on Wednesday they will probably put in an appearance then.


Oh My Cylon!

Today we had the 1337th week scan and oh my, Cylon B (the breech one) has turned! TURNED! After everyone told us that if s/he hadn’t turned by 32nd week then there probably wouldn’t be enough space for acrobatics apparently there was! The lesson is obvious: do not underestimate these hybrid Cylon entities – they have a plan. (And I decided to celebrate with lattes and almond croissants all around.)

So this of course throws the chilled out scheduled c-section, and regular birth (x2) is back on the table. This is good news because I would rather avoid major surgery where possible but I am not feeling overly precious over my birthing experience. If I end up needing a c again then I’ll roll with that in the same way I am rolling with the prospect of having a regular birth. We’re seeing my OBGYN on Friday so will have an updated plan of attack then.

In the meantime I’m glad that we took the birthing class, and I’ll be re-reading the birthing section in ‘The Mayo’s Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy’ this afternoon.

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