“I had flamingo for breakfast”

“Sorry, Zoey. Flamingo for breakfast?”
“Yes, flamingo yogurt.”
“Mango, Zoey, mango yogurt.”

Bird bingo is conversation starter!



A week in food: Thursday

Thursday was a tough day as Zoey didn’t want to eat anything I gave her for her main meals outside of breakfast. Ugh. So she was in a bad mood as I am a tough mother fraker when it comes to snacking. I will not have them filling up to stop the whining because yes they stop whining but then they won’t eat their main meals, and it’s good for them to come to a meal (slightly) hungry. And let’s be honest if you’ve wrangled twins mostly alone for 17 months a little whining is NOTHING. What’s starting to get harder is that they are now pointing at food in the kitchen, and waving plates and bowls at me whilst whining and crying. But I stand firm, and feel slightly mean. Then I read this article about ‘The Snack Epidemic’ and I felt better but I have it easy.

The Cylonettes are young and totally under my influence and control (whoa that sounds Stalinistic). I don’t have to pack a bag of food for day-care or pre-k, they are not surrounded by a classroom full of kids with different eating habits and I don’t have to work outside of the home so I can cook all their meals and snacks from scratch. I just have to put up with the whining, and hold strong. Ugh.

Breakfast: Banana buttermilk pancakes with a few white chocolate chips thrown in for good measure, and whipped cream

Shocker that we all ate these fine pancakes. Alex and I got some maple syrup but the girls had to make do with pretend syrup. At some point they will cotton on, and we’ll have to let them have a spot or else we all go without.

Morning snack: Mini cheesy biscuits and milk

Best snack ever.

Lunch: Shepherd’s pie (leftovers)

Well Naomi and I enjoyed lunch, and Zoey sat there “talking” to the shelf of teddies next to the table.

Afternoon snack: Apricot and sultana crunch (from the freezer) and milk

It’s crunchy and has dried fruit so one can hope some nutrients are being absorbed.

Supper: Lamb ragu (from the freezer) with pasta, and a yogurt

I cut the ragu with cream when I was heating it up to lessen the acidity and increase the likelihood that Zoey would eat it. Big fat NO. Heigh ho what’s a mum to do but offer a yogurt (once Naomi had finished) and hope for the best the next day.

A week in food: Tuesday




Breakfast of champions

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, Costco’s finest bacon, Trader Joe’s hash browns and left over mini apple muffins

Since we are moving out in a month I’m trying to use up all the food in our pantry and freezer so we don’t have to move it. There was a pair of hash browns lurking in the back of the freezer and I thought I’d better use ’em up. (As a side note I need to start making hash browns myself and freeze them for meals.) Breakfast got off to a great start when Naomi stuck her finger in a hash brown to see if it was hot. It was so she ended up having to nurse it on a cooling pad-thingy from the freezer, and of course so did Zoey because they must be equal at all time. Bless her she was just mimicking us as we touch food to check to see if it’s okay for them to eat.

Morning snack: The last of the mini apple muffins (hurrah!) and milk

Since the girls only nibbled on a muffin at breakfast (they were more interested in snagging bits of bacon from us) I figured we’d use up the last of them at snack time.

Lunch: Butternut squash mac-and-cheese (left overs)

It’s such a no brainer of a meal. Both girls ate their bowl and then had seconds and thirds. Thank you, easy toddler recipes.

Afternoon snack: Date slice (from the freezer) and milk

When I bake for the girls I tend to cut-and-freeze as they eat things in such tiny portions. Now I don’t label stuff in the freezer so it’s a lucky dip when it comes to fishing out a small rectangular foil package. Today we lucked out with a date slice but it was ignored for an hour whilst the girls had an epic melt down over a book. ‘Dear Zoo’ if you are interested. When they eventually emerged from their book induced rage they happily ate the date slice.

Supper: Tray bake, broccoli bowls and yogurt!

Who doesn’t love a tray bake? Chicken plus veggies in a hot oven is a win-win for everyone. I remember Jamie Oliver waxing lyrical about kids and chicken legs in ‘Jamie’s School Dinners’, and by-gum it’s true. Both girls, yes BOTH of them, love roasted chicken legs. They are happy to hold and eat the chicken leg, and/or eat pieces that have been peeled off in front of them. This makes me so happy we are now eating roasted chicken legs twice a week.

For this tray bake I marinated the chicken legs for a few hours in buttermilk, oil and maple syrup. I chopped up some potatoes and a zucchini, and sprinkled them with olive oil and salt. Delish! Naomi and I enjoyed our broccoli. Neither girl was that interested in the roast spuds and zucchini.


Supper for tired people

Faceoff at breakfast time

Not as fun or exciting as the previous videos. Interesting to watch the girls interacting nonetheless.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/40984849 w=540&h=304]

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