What I Read: April & May

Friends, for whatever reason May was a tough month. Maybe it was the weather maybe it’s just how life is but new month tomorrow so fresh starts again. 

I’ve actually read quite a few books in the last two months. April saw me finally finishing Team of Rivals, rewarding myself with 4:50 From Paddington (possibly my favorite Agatha Christie) and reading my first Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling) Cuckoo’s Calling. Oh my word how much did I love Cuckoo’s Calling? I love the characters and I want a zillion Cormoran Strike novels. 

In May I sped read the other two Cormoran Strike novels: The Silkworm and Career of Evil. How much did I enjoy more adventures with Cormoran and his girl Friday Robin? I sucked the words off the pages and bathed in them. I’ve now got three friends and my dad reading the books. Spread the word! 

I had such a Cormoran & Robin hangover it has taken me most of May to read The Mirror Cracked From Side To Side by Agatha Christie. I did not enjoy this Miss Marple. 

On the audiobook front I tried to finish Clear and Present Danager (worst narrator ever) but I had to abandon it mid-May to listen to Cuckoo’s Calling (great narrator) because I was jonesing for more Strike (and I’m trying to find the clues). 

Not sure what I’ll be reading in June. 


What I read: January & February 

My reading goals for 2016 are: mysteries and histories. 
I love mysteries so much, stand alone and those in a series. I want to catch-up with my favorite detectives and if that means a year of not-so guilty pleasures then so be it! Thanks to Hamilton the Musical I’m interested in learning more about American history, so those are on the list too. I think biographies and histories will be a bit more hit and miss. 
I kicked off January with “The Impossible Dead” by Ian Rankin. I’ve fallen big time for Rebus again, and I can tolerate Malcolm Fox. Actually, Fox is growing on me and I love what Rankin has done with Rebus-Clarke-Fox dynamic. It’s all good. 
The rest of January was spend on Ron Chernow’s 800 page tome on Alexander Hamilton. Dear god I love Alexander Hamilton. This is such a good book. It’s a cliche but history is ALIVE on those pages and I learnt so much. I was sad when I finished it. Sad not to be reading about Hamilton at my 5am “me” time slot. (Fresh from reading Hamilton I went to the UK to ready to proselytize and you know what Brits aren’t as interested in our founding fathers as I am. What gives?)
On the audiobook front I finally finished Diana Gabaldon ‘Written in my Own Hearts Blood’. Roller coaster of emotion and tied in nicely with Hamilton, and I need another Jamie and Claire hit. I squeezed in a quickie mystery with Jacqueline Winspear ‘Leaving Everything Most Loved’ – Maise Dobbs I have missed you! This was a transitional story for Dobbs and I was glad that some of the characters/storylines were finally being wound up and new things are on the horizon. 
Come February I was in the UK with Zoey and Nomi, and I had high hopes to read all of ‘Team of Rivals’ BUT as gripping as Doris Kearns Goodwin book is I needed something lighter to get me through 5 weeks of solo parenting. So I threw myself into Agatha Christie’s ‘They Do It With Mirrors’, ‘Saints of the Shadow Bible’ by Rankin and started another Maisie Dobbs mystery. I barely listened to my audiobook in February, when I had a chance to listen to something I blasted out Hamilton because Brits you need to embrace Alexander. When I’m back next year I expect EVERYONE to be word perfect. 
Hoping March will be the month I dig in to Lincoln, and perhaps go back to Washington and Jefferson. 

What I Read: September & October 

Okay, I got a tad sad when I realized that I wasn’t reading enough to finish the Book Riot Read Harder challenge this year THEN sense kicked in. So what if it takes me longer than a year. So what if I want to read a book that doesn’t fit the criteria. 

So I’m going to take my time, and read around. The most important thing is that I’m reading. Even if I generally get my reading done at 4am after Zoey has had a pee and I can’t get back to sleep. 

So, September-October I read only one book for the Read Harder Challenge and that was ‘The Liar’ by Stephen Fry (a book by someone who identifies LGBTQ). I originally started this book when it was originally published zillion years ago. As much as I LOVE Stephen Fry this book is ridiculously self indulgent, dull and needed a strong editor. It almost put paid to me reading anything ever again BUT I surfaced to read Agatha Christie’s ‘The Body in the Library’ which was also dry but a mercifully short read. 

After that I needed something fun so I dived back in to an Alexander McCall Smith cosy mystery and ‘The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds’. It was cosy medicine! Then I was recommended ‘The Girl With All The Gifts’ by M. R. Carey  which was the opposite of McCall Smith. Jarring, brilliant and contained zombies. 

Book Riot 2015 Read Harder Challenge: March 

Oh March! I managed one book, Jurassic Park (my guilty pleasure pick) and since then I’ve been stuck in a holding pattern with To Rise Again At A  Decent Hour which I hate. So I either need to power through it or give up. 

Jurassic Park on the other had was a lovely re-read. Made me sad for everything that was left out of the film as it was so clever. 

April is half gone so I need to get reading again. 

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