Hurrah for November 

I should be casting on my secret Christmas knitting but thought I’d put finger tips to keyboard instead. 

Friends, the Pingus have turned five. FIVE. They are so big, and awesome, and yet still so small (especially when they are flash mobbed by older kids when they are giving out Halloween candy). We rode the train of excitement right through birthdays and into Halloween, and now all is calm again. You know, until they start asking when it’s going to snow because my girls love snow. 

We’ve already had sledge anxiety setting in. One night Z couldn’t sleep because “Are we getting a sledge this year, mama” and “Too big to slide in boxes, mama”.  Then it moved on to where we should go sledging, and perhaps we could find a meet-up group for sledging. Bless them. I promised that as soon as sledges appeared in Target or Costco we’d buy one so we’d be ready. 


And then there was cake


I couldn’t get a photo of them both smiling. Whilst Zoey was embracing the party spirit Nomi was somewhat done with it all, and slow to warm up to having friends over until the end. Then she was in full Nomi party-mode.

It was a good party. Lovely friends, and all the kids played well. If I do say so myself I made a good spread of food, and opted for Nigella’s celebration chocolate sheet cake which the girls decorated with sprinkles.

The disappointment that neither girl is old enough to drive an actual digger has dissipated.

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