Super (Cycle) Tuesday! 

Is it Tuesday? Daylight savings has left me dazed and confused, and tired. All the tired. 

It’s still overcast and blah here. Proving once again that March is not spring even if it was summer last week. Since we all have our strength back we headed out on our bikes for what started as a short cycle but turned into a long three mile cycle as we went to visit the local storm/flood run off stream/drain. (We make our own fun.)

No raccoons were spotted and we couldn’t get pooh sticks flowing under the bridge. Oh well. 



Mapp and Lucia, and the raccoon anxiety 


The weather was so nice yesterday that we deployed floaty summer frocks. 

We were warm.  

We wore hats. 

I watched the trees at the back of the yard turn green in real time. Glorious! 

We spent a good chunk of time outside until I mentioned raccoons. Foot in mouth time and back peddling for me. 

We were about to go out for a bike ride and Zoey asked if we should bring the balls and toys in or could they stay out over night. I said we’d need to bring them in at the end of the day but they’d be fine outside whilst we went biking. 

“Why mummy, why can’t we leave the balls out?” 

“Well the raccoons might bite and burst them.”

What was I thinking? It’s true. When we first moved here we left a few balls outside and the local critters burst them. I didn’t think what I said was a big deal as they’ve seen other animals in the yard before. 

We left but Z got to corner where we normal do our big loop and she wanted to only ride around the block. I thought she might still be tired from the cold (I know I still am what with me being sick it over the weekend) and then she was very quiet. Then as she approached the house she said she wanted to bring the balls and toys in, and it all clicked. 


The poor kid. We talked it through and I hope she is less worried but we’ll see. 

Zen and the art of balance bike maintenance*

I walked into the kitchen to this:

I chuckled when I saw them and was promptly told off as this is “work”. Nomi and Zoey are of course correct, bike maintenance is very important, and given how important their balance bikes are to the family it needs to be taken seriously. 

I cannot stress how much we all love their balance bikes. One of the best things we invested in. We wanted to make biking a big part of our family culture and balance bikes got Zoey and Nomi off to a great start. 

Once they got the hang of them last spring we were out everyday racking up the miles. Being able to get out of the house for a brisk walk with two toddlers in tow is a huge sanity saver, and they love exploring the neighborhood, going fast down hills, and working on “tricks”. In the height of the summer we were out after breakfast – glorious! 

We are moving the girls over to super light weight pedal bikes shortly (no training wheels), and we’ve got a bike rack for the car now so we’ll be able to go out to the canal paths and parks with all our bikes. Just need all this snow to melt and temperatures to warm up. 

*title curtesy of my mum who I was FT-ing when I came into the kicthen. 

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