Tuesday, prep day

Today is my prep day ahead of driving all the places tomorrow. After a few weeks of music class I realized that I need to minimize the cooking from scratch as much as possible on Wednesday for my own sake. So today I made peanut butter, chocolate chip banana bread (it’s amazing), and lemon orzo chicken for dinner. Throw in sandwiches and some fruit for lunch and we are done!

I managed to finish sewing my 7th hat today. It’s two slightly different patterns giving me a full range of adult and child sizes. They are reversible with denim and a cotton print, and I upcycled two pairs of Alex’s discarded jeans and used my scraps.


Now we just need spring! And after spending an hour chipping ice off the drive we really do need spring.


We closed out the day with some water colors. Nomi painting pages of suns. What is she trying to tell me?






Our weekend

We were victorious in IKEA. More track and spinning turn tables. Zoey told me that the little IKEA trains are narrow gauge engines. We’ve watched Blue Mountain Mystery ALOT! They built some tracks out of planks because anything can be a track.





Today was a bad weather day: freezing rain. There was black ice on the road when we drove at just after 7am to tennis. I’d rather have not tagged along to Alex’s tennis but the girls wanted to go so we all went. They did really well and I even managed to catch up on correspondence. Bliss. Might take my Latin with me next week.






The rest of Sunday has been sublimely relaxed. Lots of play, sewing and we all baked Swiss roll. It cracked but that’s not the point.

I hope you all had lovely weekends.

Little hands


I’ve been experimenting with scone recipes this week. It’s so cold we need a conveyor belt of comfort food coming our way. My first recipe claimed to yield fourteen, and I got FOUR! Today I returned to my constant companion in the kitchen, Nigella, and everything was better. Twelve scones.

Nomi and Zoey got stuck in rubbing the fats and flour together. They didn’t want to take her hands out. Normally this would be too cold or squishy but I guess they are ready to embrace hands on mixing now. Maybe meatballs next. Cold and very squishy.


Sliding towards the weekend

We had a day of leaf art (like many of my friends this week ahead of art exchanges) and baking. I’d hoped to get on with some Christmas sewing but I had to bake all the things: pita bread, apple oatmeal cookies and pizza.





We tried a few different techniques with the leaves but the printing really gripped them. Though complaints that we are running low on watercolors… They are getting more for Christmas so it’s pick another color or share a palette till then.

We had some help on the baking front. Best friends Pooh and Eeyore pitched in.


Ready for the weekend, and looking forward to the short week ahead with Thanksgiving next week. Our first Thanksgiving as Americans!

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