Working out the kinks 

We are a month into Alex working from home full time and it has taken some adjustment on all sides. 

Alex has lost 3 hours of reading and podcast time, he can no longer stroll out of his office to go buy something (unless the Pingus set up a shop selling somethings) but he’s around us all the time (and we are delightful). 

The girls have had to adjust to daddy not being a scarce resource. This was bumpy. It’s taken them the best part of a month to chill out. Daddy isn’t going anywhere and come the fall he’ll be tagging along to music class. 

And me, well I’ve had to get more organized. I’ve been journaling the flow of our days to see what works best. My journal is the best wing-person ever. I’ve figured out that we have to eat meals on time, I’m still doing Mon-Fri bedtimes because it’s less confusing for Zoey, and drawing together is a great way to deal with transitions. 

Ring fencing time for projects, art exploration, and drawing together is a good thing. It’s optional but I’m there. 

As things are settling down I’m working on getting in my Latin and hopefully French time in the morning. My reading is picking up steam again. 

It just all takes time. But it’s so worth it. 



A bout of illness and some butterflies 

Our week went off the rails slightly with Zoey spiking a fever and chills on Tuesday afternoon, her vommiting over Mr Dinosaur was thankfully a red herring as the fever dropped it morphed into a snotty cold. 

A three year old with a snotty cold is this: 



During Zoey’s periods of recharging under her blanket Nomi was bouncing about like a pinball. Trying to fill the space of two, and then calming to play next to her sleeping sister. Though don’t think she played quietly all the time, this afternoon as Zoey napped on me Nomi was bouncing up and on the sofa. Bless. 

In between the naps, the movies and audiobooks we drew butterflies. Nomi and Zoey both asked to draw butterflies so their could glitter them. They wanted me to draw them for them but that’s a no, instead I suggested we draw together and we grabbed The Hungry Caterpillar to look at the butterfly. We talked about the shapes as I drew and they copied then we SPARKLED. 



Hopefully less snot tomorrow. 

The last few days 

Dude, the snow is melting. Actually melting for the first time this winter. We are at the ugly and water logged stage but still melting!

Alex was meant to be traveling this week but his trip got cancelled and he twisted his ankle so instead of MIA daddy we had daddy working at home for two days which was awesome.

Nomi and Zoey were flicking through my Star Wars craft book on Monday and found a picture of an AT-AT walker which they remembered playing with at our friends house. They gathered supplies and I helped them build one, a double headed one which was then filled with trains. Obviously.

They drew their own train tracks, and many many pictures of trains puffing smoke.

Alex got invited to partake in a little pre-dinner drawing and coloring with glitter glue.

Yesterday we got out on the balance bikes. The sidewalks are still a mess  but it’s sunny and relatively warm. We made amazing lemon crinkle cookies which I’ve never made before (how have they been missing from my life for so long?) and afterwards the girls got to lick the powdered sugar off their fingers. This is a true marshmallow test as they got through rolling 18 cookies before licking fingers.

Today was music class day which we love but it’s exhausting for us all, and day light savings is still messing with us. Tomorrow we shall recoup, and finish the lemon crinkle cookies.

Our weekend

A quiet weekend of errands and art here, and more snow and some sunshine.

Saturday we adults applied for our Americano passports, the Pingus having got theirs when they were born, and I had the best headshot taken of me. It’s karma at work because my driving license photo is so tragic.


I’m going to really enjoy traveling on that passport when it arrives. The girls chatted up a storm with the Post Office lady, and with all the servers in the Korean restaurant we went to afterwards. The girls could have sweet talked the waitresses into making them a sandwich. Given that they weren’t that into the food we ordered they probably should have. They were fascinated by the sushi Alex had. A platter of fancy things that became sushi theatre as they told Alex which order to eat everything in.


At the end of the meal the waitresses gave Zoey and Nomi helium balloons left over from Valentines Day. The girls couldn’t have been happier.

Sunday was sunny. It had snowed and rained overnight so we still had to shovel but sunny and a warm 6°C. I pottered about the house without my padded vest on. Positively balmy. We busted out of the house to the Philadelphia Museum of Art for their family art day.


It was a good day out but our next family outing needs to contain trains.

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