A Card From My Mum With This Message…

… Leah had adjusted beautifully to marriage and motherhood, and mused dreamily at how wonderful life would be in the future – when the twins were old enough to send out to Starbucks for her coffee…


They’ve arrived!

Zoey (6 lb 3 oz, a.k.a. Baby A) and Naomi (6 lb 11 oz, a.k.a. Baby B) were born earlier today at 12:01pm and 12:02pm via c-section. The surgery went fine and there was no post-op complication. Leah will be staying at the hospital for 2 more days and I will be taking them home on Friday morning.

Here are a few photos. The rest are on our Flickr album and I’ll be posting more in the next couple of days.

38 Weeks & Some Change

I tweeted today that it felt like a day of lasts, and tomorrow would be a day of firsts.

I took my last solo subway ride into the city. Ate my last lunch by myself; alone with my thoughts. Pleased myself as I pottered about the flat cleaning, and making crepes for super. Tonight we’ll drink tea and watch uninterrupted TV by ourselves for the last time.

Tomorrow is the invasion and we won’t be alone again for a long while.

We’ll meet our hybrid Cylons for the first time.  Though I feel like we know them already. We’ve given them nick names, and real names. We’ve been talking to them (and I’ve been singing the theme to Big Bang Theory) all summer. We’ve felt their kicks and jabs get stronger and stronger. We’ve seen them grow on our monthly and eventually weekly scans from a collection of bones to the chubby buggers they looked like on Friday.

They’ve taken over our flat, our lives and my poor body.

And tomorrow, they take over our hearts.

Leah at 39th week

Leah at 39th week by alexhung
Leah at 39th week, a photo by alexhung on Flickr.

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