Before Before & After After

Last week I started my post-partum workouts to try and reclaim my stomach, and fit back into my jeans.

This is what my stomach looked like days before I got pregnant back in Feb ’11:

Pre-pregnancy belly

Not rocking a six-pack, and it looks worse than normal as we’d had three rounds of fertility treatment (not IVF). So from late October through February I’d had to give up pilates and spin classes because of the side-effects of the treatment, and my poor stomach had to suffer a zillion evening injections so that I’d increase my egg production. There’s a nasty bruise to one side of my belly button from a “bad” injection, and for some reason the cheap ass band aids left a nasty red mark so my belly looked like it had been used for target practice.

This is what my poor stomach looked like at the start of 2012 – almost ten weeks after my c-section:

Front view


Side view


Given that I gained almost 50lbs, and carried my super healthy twinfants to term (almost 13lbs of twinfant in total) this isn’t too bad. Plus if I dress right it doesn’t look too squishy but I would love to fit back into my jeans (or any jeans for that matter), and reclaim something of my former stomach. If it doesn’t look exactly like it did that’s okay I have Zoey and Naomi to show for it but now that we are all getting more sleep I do have to try.

So last week I did the Tracy Anderson Post-Partum Method workout three times. It mainly focuses on “re-awakening” your abs, and this week I am aiming for four. We’ll see how it goes, and how well I am able to fit in 40 mins of crunches etc in my day but it feels good doing something for myself.

I’d love to be able to make it to an actual exercise class at the gym but we’ll see. This is a  terrible confession but I remember being in a pilates class in 2010, and as they go around the room a woman said that this was her first class since having a baby six months prior, and I remember thinking “How lazy – waiting a whole SIX months to go to an exercise class when I have a baby I’ll be right back at the gym.” Now I think what a rock star that woman was to be able to get out of the house during the weekday evening, and to chose pilates over more sleep or a glass of wine with friends.


There is no “Me Time” in twinfant

Zoey and Naomi are 10 weeks old today, and Alex has gone back to work after a long holiday (bless the advertising industry closing between Christmas and New Year).  So it’s time to get back into wrangling the girls solo during the week, and dare I say add a little routine to the day (*shock horror*).

The girls are still too young to have a routine (if you want a laugh read the “schedules” over at BabyCenter for very young infants) but I need to have more structure, and by structure I mean trying to figure out when I can have some “me time”. Yes, I know having twinfants pretty much writes off “me time” for the next 18 to 30 years but a girl has got to try.

There is a scene in the pilot episode of The West Wing where CJ is on the treadmill explaining to her workout neighbor that this time (from 5-6am) is her time to do with what she wants, and that is pretty much what I need to start doing again.

When I was working full-time, and in school I use to get up early to either fit in some studying before work or to take a 6-something yoga class. I use to love starting my day that way. Get the exercise done so it’s not hanging over head. I’d roll out of bed at 5:30am, throw on my yoga clothes, and make it to the 6:30am class. By 8am I’d be done, showered and sitting in a cafe having breakfast and reading through my set-texts before a day at the coal face.

So this morning I got up around 6am and managed to do my ab workout, have a shower, fold laundry, load the dishwasher and make breakfast (coffee and bagel).

Yes, it’s now gone 10am and I am knackered but I had some glorious alone time to carry me through the day.

Keeping the spirit of Christmas alive


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