The biking botanists

I took these pictures of Nomi and Zoey just over a fortnight ago. Later that same day Nomi had an awkward tumble on the tile floor in the kitchen, and fractured her elbow.




I started taking the tree book out with us as I thought it would be good to start identifying the trees on our daily walk-bike ride. Just by talking about what we see has opened Nomi and Zoey up to spotting so much more, and I’m learning a lot about trees.

I thought we needed to wait till we went to the nature reserve but you don’t. So much nature all around us. So much to talk about. So much to spot and take delight in.




Some days they want to stop a lot. Touch the bark, pick up leaves, find acorns and seed pods. Look at the apples and find new fruit trees. Watch a squirrel eating a mushroom in a tree. Other days not so much. But there is always a lot to talk about.


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