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Focusing on the positive whilst being peed on

It’s been a trying day. I’m in the midsts of potty training, the weathers got cool again and we’ve had the plumber in the house the last two days plumbing in our washing machine to the coat closet by the front door.

The washing machine was in the utility room in the center of the house but the overflow pipe collapsed so the machine needed moving because we ain’t got the cash to dig up the floor. It’s taken a month to get it plumbed in. No fault of the plumber dragging his heels. Explorations of different locations were needed and the coat closet (backing onto the bathroom) was the best option.

So I’ve been hand washing all our clothes for a month, and choose to start potty training regardless. We’re only a week and a half into Operation Knickers so it’s very early days.

Zoey as it turns out has a bladder the size of Wales and the determination to hoard all her pee for hours and hours, and then some more hours. This means she gets v clingy and today had to be held/carried for the bulk of the day. It’s exhausting and I just wish she would pee on me more. Anything to get her peeing on a less extreme schedule.

Anyway, the positive:

– Zoey went to sleep holding my hand, and Nomi had my hand resting on her back.
– Nomi made us laugh with a joke response when we were reading LittleMiss Curious.
– Both girls spotted (and correctly id’d) woodpeckers in the trees behind our garden.
– I have a functioning washer and have done four loads already.
– I will sew something for myself this weekend.



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