What time is it? 

Show time! 

Trying to play a “What time is it?” bingo game when you’ve listened to a lot of Hamilton is a tad hard. 

Zoey and Nomi are trying to learn the lyrics to Hamilton (makes the Music Together songs look so simple). They are doing well and I there are worst things we could all be listening to. 

It was a dreich day here but our first day since getting back where no one was plagued by a heavy cold (well bar Alex but he’s in NYC) so we celebrated by staying in our pjs all day. 

We did get out for the girls to fly kites for the first time. Much excitement. 


Other than that there was lots of play, I continued with the big storage reorganize and looked longingly out of the window at the shrubs I bought at the weekend but it was too wet to plant them. Hopefully tomorrow. 



Fairies at the bottom of the garden 



Nomi and Zoey wore their fairy costumes for the whole day. The whole day. They are not big on costumes and since Halloween they have barely touched their fairy skirts and wings. Their words and imaginations dress them when they play. 

But today, they made themselves masks as I was sorting through my fabric stash. (I’m itching to start sewing again but first the big reorg  and then cutting lots of things out.) 

There’s an element of Silence of the Lambs in their masks. 

Then they decided to get dressed as fairies and that was them for the day. Zoey had over done it yesterday and was beat today. So we pottered in the garden. I used the Dutch hoe my mum got me last year to break up weeds. I poo-poo it when she ordered it from Amazon (imported from the UK) but my word it does the business. 

Then we shifted soil from the back yard to the front to fill a raised bed. Much excitement over worms we uncovered.  The girls decided they wanted to pick the worms up, and once they’d done it there was no worm left untouched. 

Their comfort level of things in the garden has been a slow boil over the last three years. It’s all been at their pace. Yesterday, after Nomi took off to chase a squirrel I reminded the girls that we don’t touch wild animals and then today there was much discussion about whether or not worms were wild. I had to clarify that they were wild but they wouldn’t bite so an exception to the rule: “Mama said no touching squirrels but worms are fine, why mama why?”. 

I baked up a quarter batch of monster cookies today. All ready for the weekend, and Alex is off to IKEA tonight to get some much needed storage. Nomi and Zoey are v excited about having furniture to assemble when they wake up! 


Sunscreen in March 

The weather has gone crazy but you know climate change is just a theory, right. It’s March and we are in sun hats and the shade tent needed to go up, but you know it’s perfectly normal. 

The daffodils in the garden haven’t bloomed yet, they too are confused. I’m itching to get to Home Depot to “landscape” the garden. After digging most of the plants up last year it’s time to plant. 

Zoey is on the mend. She’s still coughing, and has low energy but she was well enough for imaginative play with Nomi. Hurrah! Nomi was missing her play mate. 

I came out of the shower to find them stuffed into pillowcases (still with the pillows in them) crawling on the floor as mermaids. The power of a pillowcase! Who needs an actual costume. 

Everyone was much happier today, and no one feel asleep before dinner. So that’s jetlag tackled just before day light savings. 

“And I get frothy nothing!” 

Zoey is sick. Which means her filter is misfunctioning. 

Yesterday as she roamed the kitchen after breakfast she noticed that the milk frother had been used. Rapid quick fire questions established that I had used it for Alex and I’s coffee, she threw “And I get frothy nothing!” at me when she stomped out. Love that child. 

I need that child to get better quick because her sister is missing her playmate. Nomi is following me around like a duckling, and carrying on very long one sided conversations. 

It’s been almost a week since we got back from our month in the UK. Much to write about and since my sewing machine is being serviced I might actually put fingers to keys. 


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