Confession #2

One of the nice things about being on “vacation” was that without our trusty bouncy seats I could take a shower and/or pee without having one or both girls with me. Now I know that by choosing to have kids I basically signed away my right to privacy, and that’s fine. I’m perfectly okay with having my personal Greek chorus follow my every move it’s only when they start to cry in the bathroom and let’s say your mobility is somewhat hampered by the task you are undertaking that it can get a little frustrating. When I’m in the shower I can pop my head around the curtain to give a reassuring smile but when I’m on the loo they can already see me so I need to up the ante. Which is why I’ve taken to blow drying the girls. I power up my hair dryer, give the girl(s) a couple of quick blasts of cool air and it usually buys me enough quiet time.


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