Week One: Huge Adjustment All Around (Part Two)

Day 4: The Escape

On our last night in hospital (Day 3-4) the girls again went to the nursery for the night as it was still taking me forever to be able to shuffle in and out of bed. (Those staples are a killer.) My night nurse (again Asian) was trying to get me to take another dose of the strong pain killers so I’d have a good night’s sleep but since I didn’t want to be too doped up, and I was planning to get a dose first thing in the morning so I refused. Silly me because at about 11pm my room mate moved in avec chatty husband and newborn.

Roomie was famished so her husband went out to get her food, he was gone for about 30-40 minutes and he returned with a full week’s grocery shop. I kid you not. If I could have taken a sneaky photo I would have it was crazy. There were half a dozen or more grocery bags all over her half of the room, and I’m not quite sure her husband was thinking when he bought EVERYTHING in at least three stores but bless. I was probably just jealous because I still had not gotten my appetite back.



Week One: Huge Adjustment All Around (Part One)

Yesterday our girls, yes OUR GIRLS, turned one week old. Can’t quite believe that we have had them for a whole week, and they us. I won’t deny that it hasn’t been bumpy; best hoped for plans got tossed out the window, and frak me if a c-section isn’t the most painful fucking thing I have ever gone through. Excuse my sleep deprived brain if I just throw a few things out there in an addled stream of consciousness. OUR GIRLS are sleeping in their OWN crib so this is probably the only chance I get today. (Please note I am choosing blogging over sleep – aren’t I a fool!)

Day 1: C-Section & Cylon Invasion

We were both fairly calm for last week’s c-section. I was re-markedly chilled out in the OR despite having a trainee anesthesiologist perform the spinal anesthetic. His boss (ironically a Brit so no escaping the NHS) gave him 3 shots to insert the spinal anesthetic (plus a bonus shot of the local to “numb” the area) before he stepped in to once again give me a local because the first one had worn off, and finally get get the spinal anesthetic administered. Frak me if that was not an awful way to kick things off. Trying to hold still and “roll up in a little ball” when 9 months pregnant with twins once was bad enough but 5 times. By the end I had my OBGYN and the nurses gathered around me in a healing circle holding me.


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