Sunscreen in March 

The weather has gone crazy but you know climate change is just a theory, right. It’s March and we are in sun hats and the shade tent needed to go up, but you know it’s perfectly normal. 

The daffodils in the garden haven’t bloomed yet, they too are confused. I’m itching to get to Home Depot to “landscape” the garden. After digging most of the plants up last year it’s time to plant. 

Zoey is on the mend. She’s still coughing, and has low energy but she was well enough for imaginative play with Nomi. Hurrah! Nomi was missing her play mate. 

I came out of the shower to find them stuffed into pillowcases (still with the pillows in them) crawling on the floor as mermaids. The power of a pillowcase! Who needs an actual costume. 

Everyone was much happier today, and no one feel asleep before dinner. So that’s jetlag tackled just before day light savings. 


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